Sunderland local elections: Who will get your vote in Silksworth?

Candidates for the Silksworth ward in the local elections. Clockwise, from top left, Chris Crozier, Alan Davies, Paul Edgeworth, Bryan Reynolds and Patricia Smith.
Candidates for the Silksworth ward in the local elections. Clockwise, from top left, Chris Crozier, Alan Davies, Paul Edgeworth, Bryan Reynolds and Patricia Smith.

It’s the local elections this Thursday, and here’s how the candidates in Silksworth hope to persuade you to vote for them.

Chris Crozier (Green)

I am standing as a candidate for Green Party councillor because I believe in a more equal, more democratic and more sustainable future.

The Green Party is the only party to fully embrace those values and objectives.

Whilst agreeing with many of the socialist principles represented by Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party, only the Green Party has a clear focus on the future of our local and global ecosystems.

Only the Green Party will develop a sustainable green economy that will ensure our safety from the harmful effects of fossil fuels including diesel emissions and fracking which threaten the health of our children and our planet.

I believe that austerity has been imposed on those in society who can least afford it, and least deserve it, by those who can most afford it and most deserve to pay the price.

A progressive tax on the wealthy and the closing of tax loopholes is the only way to create a fairer and more equal society.

We need to stand up for our public services, for education, for our emergency services and our libraries, the heart of our communities.

Alan Davies (UKIP)

I was born and bred in Sunderland and use the skills I learned in 14 years with the RAF as an electronics technician to set up my own business.

I care deeply for my city and country and UKIP’s policies make sense for Britain, Sunderland and Silksworth.

Labour-controlled Sunderland Council has had its day. Following our parents’ vote is no longer an option.

Our proud town/ city, renowned for industries like mining, rope and glass, shipbuilding and breweries, has the highest unemployment in Tyne and Wear, which in turn has the highest in Britain.

Our seaside, roads and parks have languished in inactivity for years – until just before the last election! Cynical?

Paul Edgeworth (LibDem)

Like a lot of you, I am fed up to the back teeth with Sunderland Council.

Ruling Labour councillors have let Sunderland down.

For too long they have been in charge of the council without any effective opposition.

This isn’t healthy for any local council, and it shows.

The council seems out of touch, ignoring the views of local people, and wasting council tax payers’ money on pet projects, instead of focusing spending on basic services, like repairing our roads and keeping our streets clean.

If elected, I will be a strong opposition voice at the Civic Centre, challenging the council and not being afraid to speak out when they get things wrong.

It’s vital that Silksworth, and Sunderland, has opposition voices that are able and willing to oppose bad decisions and hold the council to account for the way they spend our money.

Bryan Reynolds (Conservative)

I firmly believe that just as a change of Government in 2010 brought millions of pounds of investment and thousands of new jobs to Sunderland, a change of Council can bring improvements to the City.

We suffer because Labour thinks they are a fixture and they don’t have to perform.

This prevents proper scrutiny. Look at the £3.6million lost due to errors by the Council on the new bridge.

No one was held to account for this. Why not?

No one has resigned over the failings in Children’s Services.

These were highlighted in the unprecedented and shocking report which showed how our most vulnerable children had been let down.

Perhaps if the £150,000 spent by the Council on foreign travel over two years could have been better spent on the neediest.

Only labour would build a cark park at a cost of £700,000 then close it after 10 months.

Patricia Smith (Labour)

It’s 17 years since I was first elected to serve the people of the communities that make up the Silksworth ward and my commitment remains strong.

Times of late have been tough for lots of people in our city, 4,000 council workers have lost their jobs as financial support from the present government evaporates. This does not bode well for the future and is forecast to get worse.

I see my role to protect where possible the core services of health, wellbeing and education and at the same time drive up standards of service delivery. Difficult and unpopular decisions will have to be made.

I pride myself in my community work. I am accessible and available through regular ward surgeries.

I enjoy working to improve our City. Help me help you.”