Sunderland local elections: Who will get your vote in Ryhope?

Candidates in the Ryhope ward for the Sunderland local elections. From left, Paula Hunt, Andrei Lucaci, Emma Robson. Not pictured: Anthony Usher.
Candidates in the Ryhope ward for the Sunderland local elections. From left, Paula Hunt, Andrei Lucaci, Emma Robson. Not pictured: Anthony Usher.

The countdown to the local election has begun. Here we profile the candidates in the Ryhope ward in Sunderland.

Paula Hunt (Labour)

I am very proud to be standing as the Labour Party candidate in May’s local elections in Ryhope Ward, where I was born and have lived for nearly 40 years. 

As I live here, I share your hopes and concerns for our area. For the last 13 years I have worked at Ryhope Community Association on Black Road.

During this time I feel very lucky to have met and worked with hundreds of people from Grangetown and Ryhope, on all kinds of projects that have benefited the area.

Most notably, perhaps, Ryhope Carnival, now an annual event. 

Through my experience working at the CA and because I live here, I know how proud local people (including myself!) are of our communities.  

Help me build on the hard work I have already done in Ryhope ward by giving me your vote on May 5.

Andrei Lucaci (Conservative)

If elected to represent Ryhope, I would dedicate my time to working for all residents in the ward, in particular helping to protect the most vulnerable in the city.

The shocking report into the failings of Children’s Services caused former Labour MP Hilton Dawson to write: “It’s not enough to cross our fingers and hope that children will not die”.

We need a strong opposition to hold the council to account. Conservatives do care about Sunderland.

Among the £369millon of investment since 2010 there was a new £52million hospital built in Ryhope and £82million of this investment allowed work to start on the new Wear bridge.

The Government provided £20million for the council to finally purchase the Vaux site.

It is often forgotten that it was Conservative policy on transport that has seen the introduction of a thriving direct train service from Sunderland to London.

Conservatives do work for Sunderland.

Emma Robson (Green)

It’s only fairly recently that I’ve become passionate about not building on green belt land.

I don’t agree with it because of the negative impact it can have on communities and villages.

Green spaces are important for people’s wellbeing and mental health as well as the local wildlife.

We all want a pleasant environment in which to live, walk and to run around.

I personally want to see more green spaces with flowers growing and tree’s blossoming.

The removal of the trees for a new local Aldi Store is an example of something which I was very much against.

Making more housing available to reduce waiting list numbers is important, but there can be alternatives to simply building on green belt land.

For example: finding derelict houses and refurbishing them. A good example of this are the cubes which were made into suitable properties to live in.  

As a member of the Green Party, I believe we should protect our environment, not take away from it.

Anthony Usher (LibDem) (no picture supplied)

Ryhope ward needs a voice for change. These local elections give us a chance to elect a hard-working local champion, and send a powerful message about the way the council is being run.

As a Liberal Democrat, I believe in putting people first.

I want Sunderland Council to listen to the people, with decisions about our area taken locally, not by remote councillors at the civic centre.

I’ll never forget that it’s your money the council spends, and I’ll be a strong voice against waste, extravagance and vanity projects.

I want to create a city that the next generation will be proud to call home.

We need to prioritise regeneration in our city, and create more jobs and opportunities, for Ryhope, and for Sunderland.