Sunderland Echo readers say Boris Johnson was RIGHT to prorogue Parliament

Sunderland Echo readers have said Prime Minister Boris Johnson was RIGHT to shut down Parliament.

Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 5:44 pm
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The Government officially shut down Parliament on Monday night for five weeks, with MPs not due back until October, barely a fortnight before Britain is due to leave the EU.

Opposition MPs claim the move is intended to stifle debate and opposition to a no-deal Brexit.

Our on-line poll asked: “Do you agree with Parliament being prorogued for five weeks?”

More than 2,000 people took part and the vote was split 60 for, 40 against.

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Comments on our Facebook page were divided.

Mark Jansen summed it up: “Our Parliament is too powerful, which is why we need to pause it so we can leave the EU, which we need to leave because our sovereign Parliament isn't powerful enough.“Seems simple to me.”

Jeff Smith said the Prime Minister was ‘the voice of the 17.4 Million’ and added “Leave won. Respect the vote.”

But Lynne Aubrey replied: “We are going to leave the EU, but we need a good deal that benefits our country and the people. The Tories are crippling the country open your eyes, see past Brexit look at what is happening to working families. I voted leave myself and I stand by my vote, but I believe we were misinformed by a Tory government and the absolute shambles they have made of Brexit so far. I truly believe leaving with a deal is the best way forward.”Graham Storey said: “ Anything to get us out . . Parliament has not listened to the people . . Boris may not be everyone's cup of tea but he is trying his best to apply what the majority voted for

Eileen Joyce wrote: “Boris said leaving without a deal would be a failure!!! He is one of the biggest liars in Westminster, but Peter Cresswell replied: “it certainly would be a failure - a failure of parliament!“I really don't think many of our politicians realise the anger they have caused by desperately trying to wriggle out of leaving the EU!”