'Project Fear goes on' - 13 things you said about Sunderland being 'hit hardest' by Brexit

Sunderland was among the places singled out in the report.
Sunderland was among the places singled out in the report.

Echo readers have hit back at the findings of a report which suggested Sunderland would be one of the cities most affected by a so-called 'hard' Brexit.

Commenting on the report, Julie Elliott MP, who represents Sunderland Central, highlighted the importance of getting a deal with the EU that protected business and jobs.

Prime Minister Theresa May.

Prime Minister Theresa May.

The report by progressive policy think tank IPPR stated that UK regions outside London will experience greater impact from price rises than the capital, and identifies the areas it says are particularly vulnerable because of their reliance on EU trade.

Sunderland was singled out, along with Flintshire and Wrexham, Telford and Wrekin, South and West Derbyshire, and Luton.

The region's Nissan plant in Washington employs more than 6,000 people directly and supports another 28,000 in its supply chain. The plant exports more than half the cars it builds to Europe.

Here's what you had to say about the report on social media:

Simon Wade: "Pretty obvious, really. Folk should've put aside their prejudices and thought about the real consequences."

Shaun Cudworth: "Nissan will go where its company interest lies, in or out of the EU to pretend that EU membership will keep them here is dishonest. The UK holds many advantages."

Scott Griffin: "Scaring the people again and TBF if there are consequences why doesn't the government try to soften these with more investment in the city, more funding or more than likely they'll give us less and say that's what you get for voting against us on Brexit."

Joanne Michelle: "Everywhere is going to be affected, people voted out and that's what's happening, twisting about it isn't going to change it so now ya got to accept it and move on."

Pete Bogg: "Never has the phrase 'turkeys voting for Christmas' been more apt."

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Heather Addison: "Cannot be any worse than losing shipyards the glass works and the pits?"

Lynsey Mitchell: "Remoaners need to get over it. The majority voted out. move on. We all have to deal with the consequences whatever they may be."

Wayne Galey II: "Built a new bridge and are putting a new road in for easier access to Port of Sunderland for Nissan to export a percentage of their cars from. Why all that if Nissan won’t be here? Get a grip, Nissan will stay and will get stronger."

Marc Hope: "That word ‘could’ again. So really we don’t know until it’s done."

Richard Leadbitter: "Will it be as bad as losing all the mines and shipyards, I doubt it."

Wayne Johnson: "Don't believe the hype surrounding Brexit, long-term future stop scaremongering."

Colin Mason: "Project Fear goes on and on and on and on, yawn."

June Wintrip: "How do they know, only time will tell."