Nine things readers said about the European Union

David Cameron: "Did I mention we're all going to die?"
David Cameron: "Did I mention we're all going to die?"
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As the vote for the EU Referendum gets closer, we debunked 10 myths about the European Union.

From money to deportation, from bananas to custard creams, we took at look at some of things that political campaigners have said in the run-up to the big vote.

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Whether you're in or out, everyone has something to say on Europe - and here are some of your comments from social media.

1. Lindsay Billy Miller: "As we are one of the richest nations in the world it is obvious we are putting more money into the EU than taking out. But my vote is simple, we should control our own borders with a system similar to Australia and we should control our own laws ... simples. until then, I'm out."

2. Iain Guthrie: "This isn't a referendum on Europe, it's an independence vote for Great Britain and the sooner we are out the better."

3. Allan Mcmanus: "You know what. Life for me and my family ain't bad right now, I'm voting stay, don't rock the boat. Easy option? Hell yes it is."

4. Anthony Bell: "I'm voting out ... we'll take back our millions and give you back your rule book that governs the size of a banana."

5. Nigel Bromley: "I would never believe a word any politician in the UK said. One scares over this one over that. Ibelieve in making your bed and lying in it ... so my family and I will happily vote out, I do not trust Cameron with the count of said votes anyway."

6. James Dutton: "But when people vote they should be voting for proper reasons, not pathetic reasons such as 'Gota stop all doze foriners cumin owa ere and robin owa jobz lyk'."

7. Lee Gowland: "Immigration alone is reason enough for me and many others to vote out."

8. Gordon Tindle: "Vote out. And let's have our future in our hands."

9. Ray Appleby: "£1 is too much money to send to the pathetic EU!"