Nigel Farage walks the streets of Sunderland as he drums up support for Brexit Party

Nigel Farage was out and about Sunderland today as he attempted to drum up support for the Brexit Party ahead of the European Election.

Saturday, 11th May 2019, 12:48 pm
Nigel Farage on the Brexit Party bus in Sunderland.
Image by PA.
Nigel Farage on the Brexit Party bus in Sunderland. Image by PA.

Arriving on a blue double decker Brexit Party bus Mr Farage was met by three supporters in Market Square, before setting off to greet members of the public passing through the city centre.

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Nigel Farage on the Brexit Party bus in Sunderland. Image by PA.

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A number of people of all ages approached Mr Farage pledging their support and chatted to the Brexit Party leader about their hopes for Sunderland after Brexit.

On Brexit itself Mr Farage repeatedly told people: "Let's do it, move on and then get on with the rest of our lives, that is the big message we are sending."

During his walk through the city Mr Farage approached a number of people and asked them if they were voting for the Brexit Party, with many telling him that they would.

Nigel Farage walking the streets of Sunderland. Image by PA.

Mr Farage then stopped off at the The William Jameson Wetherspoon pub for a coffee where he chatted to people enjoying breakfast and pints about his hopes for the North East.

Later today Mr Farage will speak to residents in Hartlepool before joining former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe at a Brexit Party rally at Rainton Meadows Arena in Houghton.

* The list of parties standing in the European Parliamentary Election in the North East electoral region has now been published. The candidates are:

*Change UK - The Independent Group: Frances Helena Weetman Penny Hawley Kathryn Louise Heywood;

*Conservative and Unionist Party: Richard Marshall Alexander Robert Lawrie, Chris J Galley, Duncan Carlyle Crute;

*Green Party: Rachel Sara Featherstone Jonathan Elmer Dawn Furness;

Meet the candidates for the St Chad's ward for the Sunderland City Council elections 2019

*Labour Party: Jude Kirton-Darling Paul Brannen Clare Penny-Evans;

Liberal Democrats: Fiona Jane Hall Julie Pörksen Aidan John King;

*The Brexit Party: Brian Monteith John David Edward Tennant Richard Leslie Monaghan;

* UK Independence Party (UKIP) UKIP Make Brexit Happen: Richard Elvin, Christopher Arthur, Gallacher Alan Breeze.