Nigel Farage in Sunderland: 'If we don't deliver Brexit this country will never be the same again'

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has called Brexit a 'huge opportunity for the North East' as he visited Sunderland on the European Election campaign trail.

Saturday, 11th May 2019, 1:37 pm
Nigel Farage in Sunderland.

Mr Farage took time out from chatting to Sunderland residents to talk to the Sunderland Echo about the supposed impact of Brexit on industries such as Nissan and his hopes to win the European Election.

On his message to Brexit voters who are frustrated about the delay in leaving the European Union, Mr Farage said: "The Labour Party and the Conservative party do not want to deliver Brexit, it's quite simple.

Nigel Farage in Sunderland.

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"Look at the members of Parliament for this area and look at the MEP candidates that labour are putting up in a couple of weeks time.

"They all want a second referendum and they all want to remain and I just think that is so disrespectful of people's vote.

"And I think regardless whether you voted Leave or Remain, we are supposed to be a democratic country and for us to have this denied to us three years on is an outrage.

"That is why I formed the Brexit Party, that is why I am here.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on an open topped bus while on the European Election campaign trail in Sunderland. Photo by Danny Lawson/PA Wire.

"And in a sense nowhere is more symbolic of Brexit than Sunderland - that first result we saw that made us think; 'wow.'

"And my first impression from talking to people on the streets is that a lot of the people who voted Brexit are very, very angry."

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When asked what his hopes for the North East are with regards to the European Election, Mr Farage said he doesn't see why the Brexit Party shouldn't win the election.

Nigel Farage on top of the Brexit Party bus in Sunderland.

Meanwhile on the concern that Brexit could have a negative impact on industries such as Nissan, Mr Farage was dismissive, saying that he had heard it all before.

He said: "We have heard it all before, 20 years ago when the Euro was coming people were saying what is going to happen if Britain doesn't join the Euro, well thank God we didn't join the Euro.

"And the same thing applies here.

"The investment in that plant has been made already, the money has been spent.

"It is one of the best car plants in the world, it has a great skilled workforce and it is going to go on doing stuff, of course it is.

"The car industry overall is having a tough time, the problems with Diesel engines the Chinese not buying as many cars as they were, but things will go on.

"Actually I think that Brexit is a hue opportunity for the North East.

"Ship building, why don't we start to use UK shipyards rather than contracting them in from elsewhere.

"And what strikes me about the North East is that we should have, by rights, 200 miles of the North Sea, not six miles.

"We could put thousands of men back to work in these ports up here by being like Norway across the other side.

"I personally think with Brexit there will be more jobs and I think wages would go up more.

"Whether I am right or not nobody can ever know, because that is an economic projection, but what I do know for certain is that this is about democracy.

"If we don't get Brexit delivered then this country will never be the same again because how can we ever trust any Government or any party?"