Meet the St Anne's ward candidates for Sunderland's local elections

St Anne's candidates, clockwise, from top left, Gavin Wilson (Conservative), Karen Wood (Labour Party), Gary Ogle (Green Party), and Emma Neale (Liberal Democrat).
St Anne's candidates, clockwise, from top left, Gavin Wilson (Conservative), Karen Wood (Labour Party), Gary Ogle (Green Party), and Emma Neale (Liberal Democrat).

Here are the candidates for the St Anne's ward explaining why you should vote for them in the Sunderland Council local elections on May 3.


I am Emma Neale, the Liberal Democrat candidate for St Anne’s ward.

Prior to my involvement with the party, I have been heavily involved with community work in St Anne’s ward.

I have helped to renovate the local cenotaph by sourcing donations of plants to make the cenotaph look presentable for the remembrance parade and have lobbied the council to address the problem of fly-tipping in the area.

I also have strong links with Academy 360. As a governor I have seen the school go through many transitional changes since its inception in 2008.


If elected to represent St Anne’s I will work hard to make the ward a better place to live.

I will campaign to make Sunderland a zero waste city so that we save money on landfill, create local employment and generate revenue from the products of recycling and re-use of materials.

This is being done in other, larger cities and will provide a cleaner, safer environment, reduce our vermin problem and allow investment in better services across the city.
I will also fight to protect our greenbelt – one of Sunderland’s greatest assets.

For a better future, vote Green.


I am Gavin Wilson and I’m standing for the St Anne’s ward because it’s my home and I truly believe that change is needed now more than ever for all who live here.

This is a vital opportunity for us to have a voice to make that change and make a real difference so we are all stronger together.

If elected, I pledge to the residents that the council will be held to account.

I will be available to listen, help and involve local people in local decisions, promote our ward, tackle important issues and claim zero expenses.


I was brought up in Prestbury Road, in Pennywell, and attended St Anne's Primary School.

My first home as an adult with my two children was in fact Pickering Road.

I have always had a close relationship with St Anne’s Ward and the residents and services in the area.

My children, who are now 30 and 28, attended youth provision at Pennywell Community Centre and more recently through my community work I have worked in partnership with organisations in the ward.

I am excited and thrilled to be selected for local councillor and confident of doing a good job for you.

By James Harrison, Local Democracy Reporting Service