Meet the Fulwell candidates standing in the Sunderland City Council elections

The candidates for the Fulwell ward. Clockwise from top left Margaret Beck, Malcolm Bond, James Doyle, Robert Welsh.
The candidates for the Fulwell ward. Clockwise from top left Margaret Beck, Malcolm Bond, James Doyle, Robert Welsh.

This year’s local elections are just around the corner, and we’re turning the spotlight on Sunderland’s candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 2.

Each one will be given the opportunity to tell readers why they’re standing and why people should vote for them. Here are the candidates for the Fulwell ward:

Margaret BECK (Labour Party)

It is a privilege to represent the people of Fulwell on Sunderland City Council.

Over my years of community work, I have made many contacts in groups and organisations throughout the ward and I am proud of the investment I have been able to attract.

I have managed to keep our Community Library open, gain funding from the council to improve the Community Centre, and coordinate a successful residents’ petition to deliver the parking scheme around the Metro and Hospital.

If re-elected I can do even more, and give Fulwell the representation in council that it deserves.

Malcolm John BOND (Liberal Democrat)

I live in South Bents and am passionate about the future of Fulwell and Seaburn.

It's been an excellent place to bring up a family.

I have spoken to, met and engaged with local residents to discuss redevelopment and how we can save our local environment.

I deplore the lack of public input into, and the final outcome of, the council’s plan which leaves us with little more than a large housing development to the detriment of leisure and public amenity.

If elected I’ll stand up for local people and protect and improve the community I call home and where we’ve raised our family.

James Clark DOYLE (The Conservative Party Candidate)

I am a resident of Fulwell ward and have lived in the area all my life.

It saddens me to see what our failing Labour council has done to our proud city.

I have been fighting for a new leisure centre – something which could be achieved if the council don’t waste around £41 million on a new civic centre.

I have also campaigned for a cut to councillors’ allowances, a reduced council tax increase and five full-time park wardens throughout the city.

Tracey HULL (UKIP)

No information supplied.

Robert WELSH (Green Party candidate)

Thanks to Sunderland City Council’s lack of vision, the beaches at Seaburn and Roker will be forever overshadowed by South Shields unless something is done now.

Coastline leisure facilities must improve for tourists and locals – building more houses at Seaburn is not the solution.

Work has been done to improve the coastline but much more needs to be done.

Bathers and water sports enthusiasts are at risk of playing in water contaminated by untreated sewage.

HMOs have blighted the area.

Permits should no longer be issued and some existing ones should be revoked.

Change is needed. Vote Green.