Meet the candidates for Ryhope standing in the Sunderland City Council elections

Clockwise from top left: Michael Essl, Keith Anthony Townsend, Paula Wilkinson, and Emma Robson
Clockwise from top left: Michael Essl, Keith Anthony Townsend, Paula Wilkinson, and Emma Robson
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Council elections take place on Thursday May 3.

Here the Ryhope candidates explain why you should vote for them:

Labour Party – Michael ESSL

If you vote for me, I will commit to the people of Ryhope and Grangetown.

You will be my first priority on the Council.

My eight years of council experience will be put to good use and I will work alongside local organisations.

If elected, I look forward to joining Ryhope’s Labour Action Team which already has a strong record of hard work.

I know we can be a powerful force for in the community.

I care passionately about Ryhope, which is why I put myself forward to become part of the Labour Action Team.

Green Party candidate – Emma ROBSON

I’ve lived in Ryhope for 17 years and would be proud to represent the community I love as a councillor.

Recently, I have organised litter picks and supported local schools with their Christmas celebrations.

If I am elected I will support local, independent businesses as this keeps money in the local economy.

I will also support the Ryhope in Bloom effort and encourage schools to teach their pupils how to grow their own food.

In other cities we have seen how even one Green councillor can make a big difference by holding councils to account and introducing imaginative new initiatives.

Liberal Democrat – Keith Anthony TOWNSEND

Ryhope Village and Colliery, Hollycarrside, Leechmere and Grangetown need a voice for change.

As a Liberal Democrat, I believe in putting people first.

I want Sunderland Council to listen to the people, with decisions about our area taken locally, not by remote councillors at the Civic Centre.

I’ll never forget that it’s your money the council spends, and I’ll be a strong voice against waste, extravagance and vanity projects.

I want to create a city that the next generation will be proud to call home.

The Conservative Party candidate – Paula WILKINSON

The continued failures of our Labour controlled council are all too evident.

The continued damning reports highlighting the failures of Children’s Services are a disgrace.

Parking, litter, potholes, fly-tipping are making our lives a misery.

It is time for a change from a Labour Council that takes your vote for granted.

The recent reports showing some officers being the highest paid in the country is not reflected in their performance to the residents.

Sympathetic planning which preserves our green spaces is essential.

The latest plans take away to many suburban green spaces throughout the city.