Meet the candidates in the Washington North ward for the Sunderland City Council elections 2019

Voters go to the polls to elect a new-look Sunderland City Council on May 2

Monday, 29th April 2019, 5:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th April 2019, 10:50 am
Top row, left to right, Washington North candidates June Bradley and Tony Ormond. Middle row, from left, Kevin Morris and Peter Walker. Carol Ann Groombridge did not supply a picture.

We are giving each candidate an opportunity to explain why the public should choose them and today it is the turn of those fighting to represent the Washington North ward.

June Allyson BRADLEY (Green Party candidate)

For too long the complacent Labour dominated council has put party interests before local needs.

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I believe that Washington residents deserve to have their views properly represented.

The Green Party has been making steady gains in local elections across the country.

Every Green vote sends a message that the environment is important, that fairness, social justice and human rights are essentials.

As a Green councillor, I’d work with the other parties to make sure that your views are heard.

I'd fight for green spaces and I'd campaign for a Washington town council.

A Green vote is a vote for change.

Carol Ann GROOMBRIDGE (The Conservative Party Candidate)

Washington needs a stronger voice of opposition to stand up for its interests when lazy Labour councillors won’t.

We need more opposition spokespeople raising the issues that matter to us here in Washington.

We cannot have more sheep-like Labour councillors flocking to the Civic Centre just to vote with the party whip.

A more proactive, hard-working councillor is needed in Washington North, and only the Conservatives can offer one.

No image supplied.

Kevin MORRIS (Liberal Democrat)

I live locally in Washington.

Like many local people, I am fed up with decisions affecting Washington being made at a distance, in Sunderland; we have different needs from other parts of the city.

That's why we need truly local councillors who know the area, can stand up for residents, and get the best deal for Sulgrave, Concord and Usworth.

It's time for change in Washington.

These local elections give us a chance to elect a hard working Councillor and send a message about the way the council is being run by the Labour party who don't care about Washington.


I came to Washington in 1969.

My family were born, brought up here and have lived here ever since.

What happens in our City is vitally important to me.

We live in the 37th most deprived Local Authority, life expectancy is below the National Average and so are Education levels and House Prices.

In Sunderland, there are more people with unhealthy lifestyles, more children suffering from obesity and higher unemployment than the National Averages.

Some neighborhoods are showing decline, poor physical environment, higher levels of crime and anti-social behavior.

This has happened over decades of Labour control – vote for change.

Peter WALKER (Labour Party)*

My promise to you the people of Washington North:

Make our ward a clean and pleasant place to live

Work hard to protect those most at risk

Support our schools so all children get the education they deserve

Work to ensure the parking problem associated with heavy goods wagons is addressed

Develop Albany Park and F pit to create a useable green space and protect our Heritage

Work with Gentoo and Sunderland council to address the lack of quality housing

Get tough on Fly Tipping and make those who damage our area pay for their actions

*Incumbent candidate