Justice Secretary to investigate landlord sex-for-rent online adverts

Liz Truss. Picture: PA.
Liz Truss. Picture: PA.
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Calls have been made for a review into "corrupt" landlords who target vulnerable people through online adverts offering sex-for-rent deals.

Justice Secretary Liz Truss said online classified adverts offering free rent in exchange for sex on websites such as Craigslist were "concerning" and agreed to look into the issue after facing pressure from MPs.

The deals - which are currently legal - included one man offering a room for a tenant who would pretend to be his girlfriend, while another advertised a room in exchanges for "services", a BBC investigation found last week.

Labour MP Peter Kyle called for a review into the practice and demanded harsher punishments for those "exploiting extremely vulnerable" women.

Speaking during justice questions in the Commons, he told Ms Truss: "Websites such as Craigslist are being used by corrupt individuals to advertise free accommodation in return for sex.

"Will you agree that this is happening at the moment within the law and a review needs to take place so that people who are doing this and exploiting extremely vulnerable young women will face the full force of the law?"

In reply, Ms Truss said: "Well I agree with you that this is concerning and I'm very happy to look at that issue."