‘I blame Nick Clegg’

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WEARSIDE’S only Lib Dem councillor lashed out at leader Nick Clegg as voters gave his party a bloody nose.

The Lib Dems failed to win a single seat in Sunderland last night – with the party’s candidates slumping to fourth place behind the Greens and UKIP in some wards.

Millfield councillor Paul Dixon said one man was to blame for the defeat – Nick Clegg.

“It’s been an atrocious night for the Lib Dems in Sunderland. I’m still in shock,” he said.

“I suspect there are people who didn’t think they could put their trust in the Lib Dems, which is disappointing because we would have got some good local councillors.

“I’d like to see the results elsewhere in the country, but I don’t think Nick Clegg’s done us any favours tonight. Tonight it’s been shown in Sunderland the way people feel about what’s been happening.

“A lot of decisions he’s made over the year have had a big impact, especially on North East councils. We had the universities, tuition fees. Millfield, where I represent, is a university ward. Sunderland is a university city.

The Lib Dems had hoped to pick up another seat in the usually marginal Millfield ward, but were soundly beaten.

– gaining just 585 votes to Labour’s 1,363.