Hartlepool MP calls for end to ‘nastiness’ in Labour Party following Jeremy Corbyn re-election

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
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Hartlepool MP Iain Wright has congratulated Jeremy Corbyn on being elected as Labour leader once again, adding that he hopes the “nastiness” he has seen in the party will now come to an end.

Mr Corbyn was announced as leader at the weekend after polling more votes than challenger Owen Smith.

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright

The Labour leader secured 61.8% of the vote to Smith’s 38.2%.

The victory strengthens his hold on a party that has expanded dramatically since the 2015 general election and now has more than 500,000 members.

In last year’s contest, he won 59.5% of the vote.

Many MPs have refused to publicly back Mr Corbyn since he was first elected leader in September 2015.

In a poll on the Mail website, 82% of people said that Mr Corbyn can win the next General Election.

Mr Wright told the Mail: “I would like to congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on winning the Labour leadership. It is clear the direction the Party wishes to go. The task now is to ensure that the splits, factions and - frankly - nastiness within the Labour Party now comes to an end.

“The only winners of such a divided approach are supporters of a Tory Government.

“The losers are many of my constituents who every day contact me about the damage and hurt this Government is doing to them, their families and our community.

“Hartlepool needs a Labour Government and the task is to ensure all those who want to achieve that become a government in waiting, providing the credible policies, grounded in social and economic fairness, which the country will vote for.”

Defiant Labour moderates vowed to stay and fight following Mr Corbyn’s victory amid warnings that the party’s future existence is at risk.

A series of senior MPs, including former shadow cabinet ministers Hilary Benn, Angela Eagle and Yvette Cooper took part in a rally hosted by the Labour First movement.

The packed rally heard repeated calls for people to remain in the party rather than quit in protest at Mr Corbyn’s re-election.

Former shadow cabinet minister Vernon Coaker set out the stark choice facing Labour, warning it could “die” unless it changed.

Labour former cabinet minister David Blunkett has denounced the re-election of Mr Corbyn as a “catastrophe” which has set the party on course for annihilation at the polls.

The ex-home secretary said the decisive victory for the veteran left-winger was an “utter disaster” and urged moderates to fight to take the party back.

But close Corbyn ally John McDonnell has said Lord Blunkett was “completely out of touch” with his comments.

The shadow chancellor spoke at Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool to announce plans to form an “interventionist government” borrowing £100billion to support British industry.