Echo readers share their views on Sharon Hodgson's latest column

Sharon Hodgson MP.
Sharon Hodgson MP.
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In her latest column for the Sunderland Echo, MP Sharon Hodgson has urged the public to protect the NHS and BBC.

The politician, who represents Washington and Sunderland West, hailed the two organisations as "two of our most precious institution" - and added that the Government is destroying them.

Read Sharon's column on why the NHS and BBC should be championed by clicking here

But what did you think of what the MP had to say? More than 50 of you shared your opinions with us on social media.

Here is what some of you thought. (Comments via Sunderland Echo on Facebook).

1. Margy James: "The NHS is supposed to be payed for by tax, billions is paid into tax yet our NHS is not getting it. The BBC charge you to watch them, and if you don't, it's about time that they put on ads like ITV - they get money from Sky TV why should we pay."

2. John Pullan: "NHS definitely but the Beeb no. Takes our licence fee and puts on nowt worth watching! Scrap the Beeb not worth paying for."

3. Catherine Tuckwell: "Yes to both. ITV and C4 are full of garbage and adverts that cater to the lowest common denominators. BBC has been worth it purely for the natural history programmes and The Hollow Crown will be one of the best things on TV all year."

4. Andrew Coates: "Are they our most precious institutions? NHS yes BBC absolutely no! Why the hell do we pay licence fee for one channel? Ridiculous! The times have changed, we don't need it, get rid! Or at the very least add advertisement and scrap licence fee!"

5. Keith Mullen: "The NHS yes, the BBC no. Both provide services, one essential to the wellbeing of the nation, the other for the wellbeing of overpaid so called stars, who are living the life of riley at the licence payers' expense and on a gravy train that shows no sign of slowing down or stopping."

6. Sharon Smith: "The BBC? Is that a joke? NHS most definitely."

7. Andy Spry: "Only country in the world where you need a license to watch TV. So outdated and are laughing stock."

8. Mark Mckinnell: "Ha ha the BBC! What a laugh."