Durham County Council election results revealed

County Hall in Durham.
County Hall in Durham.
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Election results for Thursday’s Durham County Council poll are in.

Labour held on to Durham County Council - but it came at cost.

The party lost 20 seats, but with 74 seats, Labour secured more than enough to retain overall control of the council and will govern with a majority of 10.


BEWICK, Liam John (Conservative and Unionist Party) 841.

CORRIGAN, Katie Marie (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1497*.

FINLEY, Paul Thomas (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1292.

KELSEY, Ian (Independent) 385.

MAVIN, Eric Stuart (Liberal Democrat) 1604*.

MAVIN, Lesley (Liberal Democrat) 1472*.

MCADAM, Roger Michael (The Green Party) 342.

TURNER, Chris (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1111.

WALKER, Arthur Clifford (Independent) 720.

WHITE, Stephen Charles (Liberal Democrat) 1149.


CRUTE, Rob (Labour) 1115*.

EATON, Tom (Conservative) 412.

FRANKLIN, Steve (North East Party) 259.

POUNDER, Lynn (Labour) 1041*

ROBINSON, Jamie Michael Stuart (North East Party) 240.

Chester-le-Street East

BAINBRIDGE, Beatrice (Conservative) 394*.

EVANS, Paul Leslie (Independent) 175.

HASWELL, Russell Amor (Liberal Democrat) 43.

MAY, Maureen Diana (Independent) 71.

MORSE, Derek Anthony (The Green Party) 181.

MULLIGAN, Simon (Labour) 289.

RENDLE, Stephen (UKIP) 59.

Chester-le-Street North

MIDDLEMASS, William Neil (Conservative) 222.

NATHAN, Philip Bernard (Liberal Democrat) 84.

SMITH, Tracie Jane (Labour) 678*.

TODD, Clare Helen (Independent) 270.

Chester-le-Street South

BAINBRIDGE, Allan (Conservative) 766*.

DAVIDSON, George Keith (Labour) 762.

HENIG, Katherine Helen (Labour) 718.

MAYNE, Daniel James Campbell (Conservative) 637.

MOIST, Bill (Independent) 751.

PEACOCK, Michael Keith (Liberal Democrats) 185.

SCANLON-BROWN, Liam Ross (Liberal Democrats) 233.

SEXTON, Paul Stephen (Independent) 789*.

Chester-le-Street West Central

ATKINSON, Mark Andrew (Independent) 611.

GOSSAGE, Michael John (Conservative) 289.

HENIG, Simon Antony (Labour) 854*.

MARSHALL, Ewan Charles (Independent) 454.

MARSHALL, Linda (Labour) 749*.

THORP, Graham Roy (Standing Up For North East England) 369.


ARTHUR, Robert (Seaham Community Party) 710.

BRACE, Kathryn (Seaham Community Party) 520.

COOPER, Ben Thomas (Conservative) 209.

KENNEDY, Leanne (Labour) 812*.

REAY, Robert James (The Green Party) 117.

SHAW, Kevin Joseph (Labour) 886*.


BELL, Edward (Labour) 777*.

BELL, Jennifer Ann (Labour) 716*.

DUFFY, Terry (North East Party) 62.

GILBRAITH, Arron (North East Party) 128.

JACKSON, George Edward (Conservative) 172.

MURDEN, Katie (Seaham Community Party) 432.

TAYLOR, Barry (Seaham Community Party) 462.

Durham South

LAWRIE, Richard Marshall Alexander Robert (Conservative) 178.

OLECHNOWICZ, Andrzej Jan (Labour Party) 225.

STOKER, David (Liberal Democrat) 351*.


BOYES, David John (Labour) 835*.

HOLT, Christine Susan (Conservative) 303.

MURRAY, Terry (Independent) 392.

SURTEES, Angela (Labour) 885*.

WATSON, Andrew (North East Party) 231.

Elvet and Gilesgate

BOETTCHER, Maureen St Clare (Labour) 335.

FREEMAN, David Robert (Liberal Democrat) 905*.

GLAISTER, Ben (Conservative) 141.

ORMEROD, Richard Daniel (Liberal Democrat) 923*.

PENSTON RAJA, Jamie (Green Party) 149.

SALISBURY, Frank (Labour) 284.

WYNNE, Pat (Conservative) 133.

Framwellgate and Newton Hall

BONNER, Anne (Labour) 768.

BROMLEY, Elizabeth Helen Claire (Green Party) 271.

GALLAND, Clare Amy (Green Party) 214.

GILL, Dave (Labour) 892.

HASSEN, Rim (Green Party) 212.

HEATH, Philip James (Conservative) 658.

HOPGOOD, Amanda Jayne (Liberal Democrat) 2,491*.

MORGAN, Joshua Lewis (Conservative) 695.

NELSON, Susan (Labour) 687.

SIMMONS, Frances Mamie (Liberal Democrat) 2,286*

WILKES, Mark Ashley (Liberal Democrat) 2,459*.


CARTWRIGHT, Mary Alison (Standing Up For North East England) 461.

CLARK, June (Labour) 673*.

CURRIE, Kathleen Joan Margaret (Conservative) 87.

HAWLEY, David (North East Party) 265.

LANGAN, Doug 242.

MADDISON, John Paul (Independent) 381.

MCLEAN, Ian (Labour) 748*.


ANDERS, Lauren (Labour) 396.

BELL, Alan (Independent) 1,079*.

FIELDER, Graham (Conservative) 339.

LAVERY, Anna Marie (Labour) 523.

THOMPSON, David (Independent) 510.

WILLIS, Audrey (Independent) 824*.


BROWN, Brian (UKIP) 370.

LEWIS, Oliver George William (Conservative) 196.

MAITLAND, Joyce (Labour) 836*.

NAPIER, Alan (Labour) 983*.

ROBSON, Stephen George (UKIP) 320.

YOUNG, Thomas Philip (Independent) 604.


DUFFY, Isaac James (Conservative) 157.

HAWLEY, Karen (North East Party) 337*.

MASLIN, Joan (Independent) 296.

WILSON, Barry Spoors (Labour) 201.

Peterlee East

BAYLISS, Jonty (Conservative) 129.

BENNETT, Harry (Labour) 568*.

COOK, Lee (North East Party) 547.

LAING, Audrey Ellen (Labour) 586*.

WATSON, Vik (North East Party) 531.

Peterlee West

ALVEY, Jimmy (Labour) 623.

ALVEY, Lisa Ann (Labour) 549.

LEE, Aaron Travis (Conservative) 211.

LIDDELL, Karon (North East Party) 635*.

MCDONNELL, Susan (Standing Up For North East England) 736*.


BLEASDALE, Geraldine (Labour) 634*.

DIXON, Derick (Conservative) 468.

HEPWORTH, Graeme Neville (Seaham Community Party) 471.

MORRISON, Sue (Labour) 604*.

REAY, Helen Milburn (Green Party) 94.

REID, Margaret (Conservative) 402.

REMMER, Adam Stephen (Seaham Community Party) 438.


BELL, Alan (Liberal Democrat) 193.

BROWN, David Ralph (Conservative) 817*.

CARR, Mel (Independent) 479.

GASSTON, John Harold (Conservative) 293.


LUMSDON, Rachel (Labour) 733.

MOORE, Christine (Independent) 119.

ROBINSON, John (Labour) 800*.

SEYMOUR, Jimmy (Independent) 168.

WILLS, Gloria (Independent) 301.


HALL, David Marshall (Labour) 1,131*.

HOPGOOD, Ellie Jayne (Liberal Democrat) 452.

KELLETT, William (Labour) 1,056*.

TAFFURELLI, Raymond William (Conservative) 523.

TIBBS, Andrew Neil (Liberal Democrat) 366.

Shotton and South Hetton

COCHRANE, Ivan (Independent) 808*.

HOOD, Christopher Ross (Independent) 617.

HUNTINGTON, Eunice (Labour) 738*.

LINCOLN, Vicki (Conservative) 268.

LIVERSIDGE, Alan (Labour) 695.

ROUND, Christian Emmanuel (Liberal Democrat) 103.

Trimdon and Thornley

BROOKES, Peter (Labour) 1,413*.

GRAHAM, Ilsa (Conservative) 546.

HOVVELS, Lucy (Labour) 1,433*.

JONES, Martin Thomas Brian (LIberal Democrat) 295.

NICHOLLS, Morris (Labour) 1,392*.


TEMPLE, Elizabeth (Liberal Democrat) 231.


LORD, Cameron Stuart (Liberal Democrat) 21.

MILES, Stephen Joseph (North East Party) 78.

PIKE, Greta Winifred (Conservative) 107.

TAYLOR, Robert (Labour) 577*.

*Denotes an elected candidate.