Worth the money? Sunderland families have their say on plans to reduce bulky waste charge

Sunderland City Council proposals to reduce the amount families have to pay for a bulky waste collection have been both praised and criticised by Wearside residents.

Friday, 7th February 2020, 2:18 pm
Updated Friday, 7th February 2020, 2:18 pm

Council leader Graeme Miller said the current charge has slammed by people who say they cannot afford.

Hopes to cut the price have been welcomed by some, who say that the charges are “reasonable” and they would rather pay to have it disposed of properly.

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Sunderland CIty Council's cabinet will discuss proposals to cut the current £22.50 charge for six items to £10.

Others have argued that the service should be free.

Gordon Ayre: “If they just collected it as part of the waste collection that we pay for in our council tax they would actually save a fortune.”

Neil Swainston: “It’s disgraceful that you pay your council tax and then have to pay again for the same service.”

Paul Wayman: “They need to allow people without cars to take rubbish to the tip. If you have a car it's free. If you don't you have to pay for limited and capped collections.”

The price drop is part of a series of proposals drafted for the 2020/21 revenue budget.

Dave Johnson: “They need to let vans use the tips. Even if traders use them, make it so they use them within reason, and charge them maybe £10/£20 a van load. It will save fly tipping.”

Vanessa Vermundsen: “Sounds like a common-sense approach to a rapidly increasing problem.”

Audrey 'Wray' Bentley: “Actually don’t think the council over charge, much cheaper than private and at least it’s being disposed of properly.”

Lynn Stevens: “About time, I’ve always said it must cost more to clean up after the fly-tippers but I’m sure some people will still just dump their rubbish.”

Margo Lax: “Hear hear, they have realised that collection charges have to be reasonable.”

Ian Donaldson: “I'd rather pay the council to tip it probably than some rogue to fly-tip it.”

Chris Wilson: “I agree with the council giving this reduction a chance but people complaining about the brown bin collection. Don’t have to use the service if they don’t want to.”