Meet the candidates in the Pallion ward for the Sunderland City Council elections 2019

Top row, from left, Michael David Gutowski and Martin Haswell. Middle row, from left, David Lawson and Richard Mulvaney. Grant Shearer did not provide a picture.
Top row, from left, Michael David Gutowski and Martin Haswell. Middle row, from left, David Lawson and Richard Mulvaney. Grant Shearer did not provide a picture.

This year's Sunderland City Council elections take place on May 2 and we have invited each candidate to explain why think electors should vote for them.

Today it is the turn of candidates contesting the Pallion ward.

Michael David GUTOWSKI (UKIP)

Originally from Yorkshire, I’ve lived in the Sunderland area for the past 25 years and will be talking with the people of Pallion leading up to the election to find out first hand what THEY want from me as a UKIP Councillor on Sunderland Council, if elected.
A vote for UKIP on 2nd May is not only sending a message to Sunderland Council that the people of Sunderland want openness and transparency but also a message to Westminster that we want our vote to Leave the EU to be implemented.

Martin HASWELL (Liberal Democrat)*

It has been an honour to serve our area as local councillor for the past 15 months.
Unlike the Labour councillors we’ve had in the past I haven’t just disappeared as soon as I got elected.
I’ve kept in touch with regular newsletters, have run campaigns to improve our area and have been an active and visible part of our community.
I’ve have also kept my promise to NEVER claim expenses and have always voted to cut councillor allowances instead of cutting vital services.
Please re-elect me so I can keep fighting for and getting things done for our community.

David LAWSON (Green Party candidate)

The residents of Pallion feel let down by their councillors.
Household waste in back lanes is attracting vermin and fly-tipping is a serious problem.
The council need to provide services to deal with these issues urgently.
Elsewhere in the country, Green councillors have made a huge difference to waste management with innovative and cost effective schemes.
I believe I can too.
Cuts to youth services and local policing have allowed vandals free rein in the local cemetery.
I would campaign for funding for more PSCOs and youth workers.
I would hold a surgery every week to listen to your concerns.

Richard MULVANEY (Labour Party)

I’ve lived in Sunderland all my life, I’m a graduate of Sunderland University and I have over 20 years’ experience working in the automotive & engineering industry locally.
I’ve supported various local charities and local sport clubs in the community, but my main reason for standing for local election, is my huge passion to influence positive development of our city.
I believe big changes are required in Sunderland, as we have huge potential as a city, if we make the right decisions and maybe use a little vision.

Grant SHEARER (The Conservative Party Candidate)

As a former headteacher, I have an interest in the education and safeguarding children.
I am appalled at Sunderland Labour’s Council’s record on Children’s Services.
Not only does the service constantly fail Ofsted inspections, but one Ofsted report said that youths in Sunderland were at risk of radicalisation.
Following the suspension of former Labour councillor, Paul Middleton, I fully back the Sunderland Conservatives’ call for councillors to be police checked.
Furthermore, I support the Sunderland Conservatives’ proposals to cut councillors’ allowances and I am fully against a second EU referendum.
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*Incumbent candidate.

James Harrison, Local Democracy Reporter.