Meet the candidates in the Millfield ward for the Sunderland City Council 2019 elections

Top row, Syed Ajmol Ali. Middle row, Helmut Izaks. Bottom row, Thomas Edward Newton and Julia Kay Potts. Joe Cobb and Paul Holt did not provide pictures.
Top row, Syed Ajmol Ali. Middle row, Helmut Izaks. Bottom row, Thomas Edward Newton and Julia Kay Potts. Joe Cobb and Paul Holt did not provide pictures.

The Sunderland City Council 2019 elections are just over a week away.

We are giving every candidate the opportunity to tell readers why they should vote for them and today it is the turn of those contesting the Millfield ward.

Syed Ajmol ALI (The Conservative Party Candidate)

A local business owner and entrepreneur, Syed Ali aims to bring to local politics years of experience working in business and service in the community.

A Brexiteer, Syed is a champion of the local community and has already started campaigning on issues such as fly tipping and the congestion on St Mark’s Road.

In recent weeks, Syed has been working with Barnes Conservative, Helen Greener, to tidy up the streets in the Eden Vale area where the two wards meet.

Joe COBB (The For Britain Movement)

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Helmut IZAKS (Green Party candidate)

I have lived in Sunderland for fourteen years and was formerly the chair of the Millfield Residents' Association.

I believe Sunderland needs effective opposition councillors to make the council more efficient.

Green councillors across the country have made a real difference to their cities.

They’ve created jobs and revenue for the council through renewable energy and housing improvement schemes, improved waste management - saving money on landfill – and improved community policing with extra PCSOs.

If elected, I would campaign for these measures and for the proper repair of the potholes that residents regularly report.

Vote Green for real change.

Thomas Edward NEWTON (Labour Party)

I’m standing in Millfield as I want the community to be a vibrant location for music, food and nightlife as well as a safe and clean community for residents.

I have a proven track record of standing up for Sunderland.

I was on Youth Council where I worked to improve children’s mental health services.

Litter, fly tipping and anti-social behaviour are huge issues in Millfield and I’ve met with the Chief Executive to discuss how we tackle these problems.

If elected I will be an active and dedicated councillor, working hard to ensure that we have a more healthy, clean and vibrant Millfield.

Julia Kay POTTS (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

I’ve lived in Sunderland most of my life and have raised my family here.

I got involved in local politics about three years ago because I want to make a difference, improving the lives of people here.

For a long time I’ve been frustrated with the lack of vision for our city.

The decline in public services is an issue for many people I speak to, so I would love the opportunity to represent Millfield and Thornholme along with Niall Hodson & Andrew Wood on the local Lib Dem Focus Team, making a real difference for everyone in our community.