Meet the candidates for the Sandhill ward standing in the Sunderland City Council elections 2019

Top (l-r): William COWE (UKIP), Alexandra Margaret MILLS (Green Party candidate), Hugh CLINTON (UKIP), Joanne LAVERICK (Labour Party)'Bottom (l-r): Margaret Gillian CROSBY (Liberal Democrat), Nathan DAVISON (Labour Party), Stephen Francis OBRIEN (Liberal Democrat), Tony Morrow (Populist Party)
Top (l-r): William COWE (UKIP), Alexandra Margaret MILLS (Green Party candidate), Hugh CLINTON (UKIP), Joanne LAVERICK (Labour Party)'Bottom (l-r): Margaret Gillian CROSBY (Liberal Democrat), Nathan DAVISON (Labour Party), Stephen Francis OBRIEN (Liberal Democrat), Tony Morrow (Populist Party)
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This year’s local elections are just around the corner, reports Local Democracy Reporter James Harrison, and we’re turning the spotlight on Sunderland’s candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 2.

Each one will be given the opportunity to tell readers why they’re standing and why people should vote for them. Here we look at the Sandhill ward, where there are two seats up for grabs.


I’m a local man, born and bred and, if elected as a UKIP councillor for Sandhill, I will serve my community all year round to fight for residents’ voices to be heard on issues I know they are concerned about: rising council taxes, parking, speeding, street lighting, protection of our green belt and bringing our parks back to life.
I will meet residents regularly and work for them and try to bring our communities back together and bring openness and transparency into Sunderland Council, something which I feel has been sadly lacking for a long time.

William COWE (UKIP)
A Sunderland born and bred man who grew up in Southwick.
I am a recently retired Police Officer who has just returned to his home town from Liverpool.
I am proud to represent Sandhill Ward in the forthcoming local council elections.
I will seek to work hard for the people of Thorney Close, Hastings Hill, Grindon and Springwell and will ensure I stand against the Labour incompetence in running the council.
I will look to promote a safer environment, more regeneration and investment in the ward and work actively towards more affordable housing.

Margaret Gillian CROSBY (Liberal Democrat)
I’ve lived locally all my life and taught in Sunderland schools for 23 years.
Like a lot of people I am sick to the back teeth of Sunderland Council.
That’s why I’m standing to be one of your local councillors.
I want to fight Labour’s shameful wasteful spending.
Along with Lib Dem Stephen O’Brien I’ll also continue our local campaigns like getting roads and pavements fixed, improving our green spaces & protecting local services and facilities from Labour’s cuts.
Sunderland Council needs MORE strong opposition Lib Dem voices – not more Labour councillors who just do whatever their Council bosses tell them!

Nathan DAVISON (Labour Party)
I was born and brought up locally.
I am currently completing a master’s degree in chemistry at Newcastle University.
It is an honour to be chosen to stand for election to represent my local community.
I work with and support community organisations.
I have extensively door knocked in the area and listened to residents to hear what they believe is important.
This will shape my agenda.
Above all I want to bring new and fresh ideas to our city council.

Joanne LAVERICK (Labour Party)
I am honoured to be given the chance to represent the Sandhill ward communities.
I work as a Project Manager for a number of youth and community groups across the city.
I am involved in the community as a volunteer, Residents Association secretary and school governor.
I believe I understand the day to day struggles of ordinary people, especially the young who are so vulnerable to the pressures of modern life.
This experience built up as a community worker and mother I believe can bring something useful to the city council.

Alexandra Margaret MILLS (Green Party candidate)
As a young voter, I believe we should be able to vote the best for our future rather than voting for the lesser of two evils.
In Scotland, local authorities are elected using a proportional system.
This means every vote counts and councils have become more responsive as a result.
I will campaign for the same system to be adopted here, making Sunderland council more accountable to voters.
I will also ensure that the council takes its declaration of a climate emergency seriously and improves our environment by better management of household waste.
Vote for real change – vote Green!

Tony Morrow (Populist Party)
Tony Morrow is standing for the Populist Party in Sandhill ward in the Local Elections on 2nd May 2019.
If elected, I WILL act as your voice, and go head to head with the Council in an attempt to get your issues and problems resolved.
Sandhill Councillors have not listened to YOU.
YOUR vote has been taken for granted, your councillors have done nothing, vote for change, vote Populist Party.
I urge you to give the Populist Party and myself a chance of making a positive change to Sandhill and Sunderland.
Kind Regards Tony Morrow, Populist Candidate for Sandhill.

Stephen Francis O’BRIEN (Liberal Democrat)
It’s been an honour to serve our area as councillor for the past 2 years.
I’m still determined to fight against Labour’s wasteful spending at the Council, to get things done to help residents and make our area a better place to live.
I’ve kept my promises – I keep in touch with regular newsletters, have run campaigns and have been an active and visible part of our community.
I’ve have also kept my promises to NEVER claim expenses and to always vote to cut councillor allowances instead of cutting vital services.
Please re-elect me so I can keep fighting for our community.

Christine Mary REED (The Conservative Party Candidate)
The Lib Dems have failed Sandhill.
Only the Conservatives can offer Sandhill residents a strong voice of opposition to this failing Labour Council.
We oppose the 2% Council Tax increase, would cut councillors’ allowances and cancel free meals for councillors after meetings.
Only the Conservatives represent a trustworthy alternative to Labour.
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Thomas SUCH (The Conservative Party Candidate)
The people of Sandhill have had a Labour councillor who timed out because of her inactivity, followed by a Lib Dem who resigned after just a year.
The Conservatives stand ready to offer the people of Sandhill Ward a respectable alternative.
We will cancel free meals, saving you £10,000. We will cut councillors’ allowances.
We will scrutinise the mess Labour has made of Children’s Services, which fails one Ofsted inspection after another.
Labour and the Lib Dems have let you down. Vote Conservative for respectable representation.
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