Meet the candidates in the Shiney Row ward for the Sunderland City Council elections 2019

Voters go to the polls to elect the new-look Sunderland City Council on May 2.

Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 2:26 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 2:34 pm
Top row, from left, Nana Boddy and Kevin Bunker. Middle row, Richard Elvin. Bottom row, Katy Anne Sawyer and Geoffrey Arthur Walker.

We are giving all this year's candidates the opportunity to explain why they feel readers should choose them. Today it is the turn of those contesting the Shiney Row ward.

Nana BODDY (Liberal Democrat)

I live locally and am putting myself forward as a Lib Dem candidate as they are the only party standing up to Labour's wasteful spending at Sunderland Council.

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The local councillors in Shiney Row, Penshaw, West Herrington, Biddick Woods, Cox Green & Offerton do nowt, only turn up at election time and claim huge allowances.

This can't be allowed to continue.

Only the Liberal Democrats on the council always vote to cut councillor allowances and want to end free meals for councillors.

Money would be better spent on repairing potholes and increasing street cleaning!

Kevin BUNKER (Populist Party)

Kevin Bunker is standing for the Populist Party in Shiney Row ward in the Local Elections on 2nd May 2019.

If elected, I WILL act as your voice, and go head to head with the council in an attempt to get your issues and problems resolved.

Shiney Row has been a safe Labour seat of late, you and your vote have been taken for granted, I believe your councillors have done nothing so vote for change, vote Populist Party.

I urge you to give the Populist Party and myself a chance of making a positive change to Shiney Row and Sunderland and an improvement to the well-being of us all.

Kind regards, Kevin Bunker, Populist Candidate for Shiney Row.

Richard ELVIN (UKIP)

Richard, a former primary school teacher who now runs his own travel business, has served for 14 years as an unpaid parish/town councillor, three of them as chairman.

He knows what is required from a councillor to represent his Shiney Row constituents and ensure improvements to services and the local environment are implemented.

Richard feels one party politics always results in stagnation and apathy and it’s time for new ideas and initiatives.

He believes councillors should strive to provide a better life for residents and wants to put an end to “political posturing”.

Clair Rachel HALL (The Conservative Party Candidate)

Only the Conservatives can beat Labour in Sunderland.

As the city’s main opposition party, the Conservatives would cut councillors’ allowances and reduce the number of councillors overall, from three per wards down to 2.

It is my intention to strengthen the city’s opposition to Labour and to stand up for the people of Shiney Row on the council.

No image supplied.

Katy Anne SWAYER (Green Party candidate)

I am standing as a candidate because I believe it is vital to give people the opportunity to vote Green.

We are the only party that will prioritise the things we require to save our existence and the existence of all life, putting our planet and its populations before profit.

In Sunderland, this includes increasing the amount of household waste that is recycled and making sure that the council take their declaration of a climate emergency seriously.

It also means protecting our most vulnerable residents from funding cuts and stopping the outsourcing of vital services to unaccountable private companies.

Geoffrey Arthur WALKER (Labour and Co-operative Party)*

Since being elected as a councillor in 2015, I feel I have made a difference to the people of Shiney Row I am so pleased to represent.

I stand as a Labour & Co-operative Party member at this election as I am committed to Sunderland City Council’s pursuit of co-operative values through its establishment as a Co-operative council and its commitment to a wealth building strategy for the city.

Please support me at this election.

*Incumbent candidate

James Harrison, Local Democracy Service.