'It's not Trump Tower' and 'looks like it's been designed by a five-year-old': What you said about Sunderland's £61million City Hall

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Echo readers have been having their say about Sunderland Council's decision to move the Civic Centre to the Vaux site in the city centre.

City council leader Coun Graeme Miller described the £61million project as "a catalyst for change" in Sunderland.

But it's fair to say most of the people who commented on the Echo Facebook page aren't impressed with the plans for a new 'city hall' to replace our existing civic building.

Gary Ellwood: "Don't think anyone disagrees with the need to move from the current Civic Centre. Most people are objecting to two things: 1) the cost, while blaming central government for cuts to our much-needed services, and 2) building the new civic centre on prime development land when there are much more sensible places to put this building in the city centre."

Michael Parkin: "I would prefer 61 £1million projects to one £61million project. There's too many empty buildings in Sunderland that could be adapted."

Bruce M Marshall: "The city is in need of far more things than a new building for the council. From a lovely thriving town to an empty city, the last thing the councillors should be discussing is a new set of offices."

Pat King: "I would prefer a leisure centre on the Vaux site - it would bring people into the city centre."

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Steve Cowie: "It’s not a bad location for a brewery! Maybe even attach a pub to it, so as to be able to sell their wares? Now, there’s an idea!"

Jason Murray: "Only acceptable if they demolish the existing building and replace it with a leisure-type complex and not just use it as a car park."

Carol Borthwick: "Can these people not think out of the box and give us a landmark building? We need a statement for the future, not the past.This square box is only going to be another eyesore in 20 years' time."

Kristian Brown: "Most public services are going to be moved into this box - there is no other word for it. It looks like it's been designed by a five-year-old - one who has just found out how to use a ruler for the first time."

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William Riley: "£61million is a bit too much to waste on building a new civic centre when there's plenty of other buildings that could be used and would cost less than a tenth of that to renovate. Come on Sunderland City Council, you can't justify wasting all that money when you can't even keep your own streets clean."

Moira Haig-Samater: "That's a shocking amount of money to spend on one building in view of the council saying Government cuts are impacting so heavily on local services. It's not Trump Tower for goodness sake. That's obscene when there is so much poverty in the area."

Marie Logan: "It's a slap in the face for people who are getting services cut and council tax increases. This is very wrong and should be stopped. The city can't afford such money to be wasted in this way."

Jeanette Mackintosh Reilly: "This is our civic building. Let's have something good to change our skyline. but something tasteful which will transcend fashion, not a concrete box. Let the residents have a say on choice of design."

Janet Colling: "This is not the way forward. Let the people of Sunderland vote to see what they want on the Vaux site."

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Jordan Stephenson: "What is it with the architects obsessed with building big brown ugly buildings in Sunderland? It’s like they never want to leave the '70s."

Michele Anderson: "This is not the time to be spending millions on new Civic centre. There are lots of buildings empty which they could use till we get through these hard times."

Chris Redfern: "A new building will be more economical to maintain and be more suited to a much smaller workforce. In the long run it will save money. In the short term it will create jobs and should attract other interested business to the Vaux site."

Scott Metcalfe: "The Vaux site was supposed to attract new jobs, not be used to relocate the civic hub from one side of city centre to the other."

Laura Harmieson: "The only person this will benefit is the window cleaner.