Echo readers share mixed thoughts on £200million Sunderland City Plan proposals

Readers have shared their mixed opinions on the new City Plan proposals.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 10:49 am
Updated Thursday, 10th October 2019, 11:26 am
Readers have shared their opinions on the new proposed changes.

Council bosses claim that these proposals would help create a “more dynamic, healthy and vibrant Sunderland” and will outline further details at a meeting next week.

They have also explained how cynics never thought car giant Nissan would ever come to Sunderland or that the Northern Spire bridge would be built.

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But while some readers are pleased with the plans, others are seeking different things for the city.

Chris Lowden said: “There’s South Shields, little town, lovely beach, a fair and a sort of leisure centre, i.e pool with slides for kids. Then we have Sunderland a city with absolute nothing, our kids have nowhere to go and then the police and council have a high crime rate. Just give our kids things to actually do.”

Vicki Redmond added: “I really don’t think we need another new bridge - what big benefit when they’re all already pedestrian friendly? Yes to investment into leisure facilities, schools and redeveloping the city centre but why waste the money on another bridge? Focus on some of the things we already have and make them truly great or plug the extra money into additional police, NHS, fire and children’s services resourcing that’s been cut in the city.”

Rozalynd Boyd commented: “Sort the city centre out first before it becomes a ghost town. The centre’s a disgrace. Need to entice new traders in to bring in more people.”

Geoff G Stepping, among others, asked: “What about the monorail?”

Ray Knight said: “We've needed a footbridge over the River Wear for years.”

Andy Galloway argued: “Why do we need a footbridge when we can walk over all of the existing bridges?”

Hank Witherspoon commented: “Vaux to Sheepfolds or even one linking the uni to East End would be tremendous.”

Chris Parry said: “Great news! Is there a timescale?”

Sharon Green said: “Good idea.”

Ian Donaldson added: “Sounds good.”