'About time too' or the wrong priority? What you said about Sunderland City Council's plans for taking on houses

Sunderland families have welcomed council plans to bring empty homes back into use and build new properties to meet housing demand.

Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 5:46 pm
Updated Sunday, 9th February 2020, 1:36 am
Sunderland City Council is aiming to invest £59million in a range of affordable housing projects across the city.

This week, Sunderland City Council has unveiled a range of measures which, if approved, it says will go towards meeting the housing of the local community.

While Echo readers have welcomed the authority’s hopes to take on empty homes, some argued that other infrastructure should be the priority instead.

There were calls for more doctors’ surgeries, schools and shops, while others expressed concerns over the price for tenants and reisdents.

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Sunderland's population is expected to grow from 277,000 to 286,000 by 2033.

Here’s what you said:

Martin Jude: “Great to have nice houses for people but we need shops, doctors, school places etc as well.”

Tracy Mckeon Fairley: “59 million for 574 houses, 362 of which are just being 'done up' – where’s the money coming from? And is it just me that thinks that's extremely expensive!”

Tony Tubman: “Please stop this! Council is not the answer you just get people stuck paying rent and unable to afford their own property!”

Gill Stephenson Button: “Yes but will they be rented at council house prices or as affordable homes?”

Tracey Anne Robson: “59 million for housing. I think council have priorities wrong. There are new houses popping up all over. More people but no decent shops or facilities for them to use.”

Tom Cooper: “I would not build a single council house until the Right to Buy is removed. Lots of house on my estate are now privately rented at much greater rents.”

Valerie Wicks: “About time too. Houses are going up all over but very few are to rent. Even the prices are too expensive for people on low incomes.”

Tracey Metters: “As long as the hundreds of new homes are given to the local people who have been on the waiting list for years and they're not for people out of the area to relocate.”

Alison Jane Tribe: “Great news, bring it on. Too many homeless people and hardworking people that need affordable housing.”

James Andrew Cross: “This is what all councils should be doing.”

Sakkir Choudhury: “They need to help homeless first.”