Police warn hoverboard Segways are illegal on the roads

Segways are illegal to ride on public roads and footpaths.
Segways are illegal to ride on public roads and footpaths.
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The hoverboard is set to be a popular Christmas gift – but it can’t be taken out on a public path or road.

If a hoverboard is on the Christmas list this year– make sure you take a note of where it can and can’t be used.

Police have warned Segway users that the motorised scooters, including the new hoverboard models, are banned from public roads and footpaths.

A rise in use of the hoverboards, which have no handles and have been popularised by celebrities and footballers on social media, has led to the police warning.

The Metropolitan Police issued the advice on Twitter to let the public know the scooters are banned under the Highways Act 1835.

Guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Department for Transport states that the scooters do not currently meet the requirements of schemes approving vehicles for road use, so are not legal.

The vehicles cannot even be used on the pavement outside a person’s house.

With a top speed of 12.5mph, the scooters’ celebrity fans include Lily Allen and Raheem Sterling.

If you’re going to buy one, make sure you use it in the garden, or on other private property with the landowner’s permission.