Police send out Euro 2012 booze warning

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FOOTBALL fans are being urged to give the “morning after” the red card during Euro 2012.

The message is part of a campaign aimed at reminding people that drinking too much while watching the match could still leave them unfit to drive the next day.

Durham County Council’s Win, Lose or Draw campaign is running throughout the tournament – from June 8 until July 1 – to remind people how long alcohol can remain in the body.

It normally takes about an hour for the body to rid itself of one unit of alcohol but this can vary depending on factors including the health of the person and how much they’ve had to eat.

People are advised to not drink at all if they are driving later that day and avoid heavy drinking if they are behind the wheel the following day.

Alan Kennedy, road safety section manager, said: “We are running this campaign as part of our remit to reduce road casualties in County Durham.

“We want people to enjoy the Euro 2012 tournament and to keep in mind the need to remain safe on the roads – particularly the next day.

“We’re reminding people that if they’ve had a drink the day before, while they may not still be over the legal limit the next morning, they may still be feeling the effects of alcohol and be unfit to drive.”

Posters and leaflets will be on display in licensed premises, libraries and council customer access points across the county.