Police need to know what happened to semi-naked Washington teenager

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DETECTIVES are trying to piece together how a teenage girl ended up half naked on a stranger’s doorstep.

At about 4.15am on New Year’s Day, a 17-year-old girl knocked at the door of a house on Wormhill Terrace, Fatfield.

The girl, who did not know the resident, was half dressed and seemed confused and distressed.

Officers were called to the scene to speak to the girl, who could not remember how she got to the Washington house and why she was only partially clothed.

Detective Inspector Denise Clark said: “We are appealing for help and information so that we can try and piece together this young woman’s movements that night.

“At this stage, it is unclear what, if anything, happened to her.”

The teenager had been out with pals in bars in Fatfield on New Year’s Eve and was wearing leggings and high heels.