Playing the blame game

Katie Bulmer-Cooke's Echo column exuded common sense when she wrote, the moaners who rant on negatively about Sunderland should shut up.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 7:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 11:27 am

People who imagine that there’s no litter, pound shops or empty ones in Newcastle are bad enough. However, when you get the politically motivated whiners tossing in their three penny’s worth, it’s a different matter. It seems no problem for them to twist facts out of shape to suit their purpose.

Bearing in mind it’s their Government which is depriving councils of the money to run public services satisfactorily, you would think the Tories would keep a low profile.

On the contrary, they try to portray the cuts as exclusive to Sunderland and the fault lies at the councils door. For example, Councillor Robert Oliver stated the council was at fault for library closures and his Government were blameless.

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In fact, since the Tories have been in power, well over 400 libraries have closed with more to follow.

Councillor Michael Dixon questioned if the money was used wisely on the central library, which is closing after two years.

The Councillor has already received the answer. The revamp of the library was budgeted on the understanding austerity would end in 2015. Another Government failure.

Councillor Dixon should be thankful we still have a museum to move the library into.

Since 2010 - 2012 Government cuts have forced the councils to close 30 museums and heritage sites. Of course there’s bound to be more since then.

If the Lib Dems had never conspired with the Tories to form a Government, austerity would have been less severe.

That does not deter Nial Hodson from blaming the potholes on the council.

The ever-decreasing council finance means help with the problem is on the ration.

The Local Government Association announced the roads are a national disgrace and are caused by huge Government cuts by local authorities.

Constructive criticism should always be welcomed. On the other hand propaganda could be turning potential new businesses away from the city.

Merry Christmas.

W Quinn