Plan to solve Sunderland park’s parking problem

The popularity of the revamped Barnes Park has caused parking problems.
The popularity of the revamped Barnes Park has caused parking problems.
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PLANS are under way to solve traffic problems caused by the increasing popularity of Sunderland’s Barnes Park.

Ward councillor Lee Martin has been campaigning for improved safety after the revamped park prompted a boom in visitor numbers.

Coun Martin has been working to improve safety for pedestrians and residents in Barnes Park Road.

He said: “The park is a whole lot busier than it was.

“It’s working as a proper local park.

“There is a car park, but it’s not as big as the demand for it.”

The popularity of the park has led to parking problems with driveways being obstructed, vehicles parking partially on the pavement, cars being parked adjacent to bus stops and people parking close to the junction with Barnes View, causing visibility issues.

Coun Martin requested that Sunderland City Council carry out a traffic survey to get an idea of the problems occurring on the road and to also survey the pedestrian crossing.

Coun Martin said: “You always expect, when you get a new facility, that all the residents are used to things the way they were.

“A lot of residents were coming to me and complaining about increased parking.

“They are really proud that the park is bringing in all these people, but I was getting all this feedback from park users saying that the crossing to get to the park was not safe.

“We just wanted to make sure that, now we have a park that is proving very attractive, everyone feels safe.”

The council now plans to introduce a number of measures on Barnes Park Road.

‘H’ road markings will keep driveways clear, there will be marked parking bays to encourage people to park fully on the roads and a pedestrian crossing will be replaced by a puffin crossing.

Coun Martin hopes the new measures will be in place within a few months.

Coun Martin said: “We are hoping it will be done before the park gets really busy again next summer.”

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