Plan to improve family life

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IDENTIFYING the needs of vulnerable families at an early stage and tackling problems at their cause are the key priorities for improving family life.

The strategy for addressing inequalities is outlined in the Children, Young People and Families Plan 2012-16, which will be presented to members of Durham County Council’s Cabinet on Wednesday.

The plan sets out how the authority and its partners will work together to ensure children and young people are healthy, are able to maximise their potential and make positive choices.

County Durham youngsters and their families played a role in shaping the plan, having been involved throughout the process.

The document was created with the help of those who took part in a consultation.

Councillor Claire Vasey, cabinet member for children and young people’s services, said: “The reduction in Government funding means that we now have to do more with less.

“This plan, therefore, sees us refocusing our efforts to concentrate on a fewer number of the right priorities in order to reap results and maximise efficiency.

“Firstly, we will focus on the root causes of poorer outcomes rather than both the causes and effects and, secondly, we will mobilise our resources to intervene at an early stage.

“This means the needs of vulnerable families will be identified at the earliest opportunity and they will receive the support they need at a much earlier stage.

“This will be done largely through our One Point service.”