Pinch 2: Special Edition: iPhone

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THE first couple of levels on Pinch 2 most definitely lull you into a false sense of security.

Sliding a couple of wibbly blobs around a maze to the exit is absolute child’s play, and left me wondering whether my 69p could have been better spent in the App Store.

Fast-forward another 15 levels and I’m wondering how I’ve survived without Pinch 2 on my smartphone, as it tosses in buttons, switches, secret passages, one-way ramps and much more into the mix.

Such is the puzzle challenge that faces you across 100 levels, you’d do well to clear a Sunday in your diary to knuckle down and bag the best times and requisite number of stars to keep you progressing.

Despite the basic graphics, there’s a very complex puzzler lying beneath the surface, and you’ll be pinching yourself to check that it’s all there for you for well under a quid.