Pictures show plumes of smoke as firefighters tackle blaze at former bus depot

Firefighters have returned to a former bus depot in Philadelphia where a fire broke out last night after hotspots in the building were found.

Sunday, 2nd June 2019, 9:43 am
Four fire engines were called to the incident. Picture by James Fairweather

Four crews tackled the fire which broke out at the former Philadelphia Bus Depot, in Philadelphia Lane, at around 8.45pm last night.

Firefighters have now returned to the scene after hotspots were found during a post fire inspection.

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A spokesman for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said: "Crews from Rainton Bridge and North Moor are reattending the incident at Philadelphia Lane with an aerial ladder platform from Fulwell.

"Following a post fire inspection crews discovered hotspots and are dampening down the roof void to make sure the fire doesn't reignite."

Plumes of thick black smoke poured from the roof of the building as nearby residents were told to avoid the area and keep windows and doors closed.

Fire chiefs have confirmed asbestos was found on the premises.

The crews were called at around 8.50pm last night. Picture by James Fairweather

The fire started on a mezzanine floor before spreading to the roof - which was 25% severely damaged by fire.

Although there were reports of people inside the building a thorough search was carried out and everyone was accounted for.

The fire was extinguished in the early hours of this morning.

Earlier today a spokesman for the fire brigade said: "Yesterday evening at 8.48pm, crews were called to the Old Philadelphia Bus Depot, Philadelphia Lane, in Houghton.

The fire broke out at the former bus depot.

"The incident was attended by two crews from North Moor Fire Station, one crew from Rainton Bridge Fire Station and one crew from Washington Fire Station and an aerial ladder platform from Marley Park.

"This was a building 100m by 30m formerly used as a bus depot,. A fire on the mezzanine floor spread to the roof.

"A quantity of timber, tyres and wood pallets were 100% destroyed by fire. The roof was 25% severely damaged by fire. Asbestos was confirmed in the premises.

"It was believed there was persons reported but after a thorough search all persons were accounted for."

Picture by James Fairweather