Photographer creates 12-month celebration of Sunderland

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A PHOTOGRAPHER has put his hometown in focus for a 12-month celebration of Sunderland.

From the River Wear at dusk to moonrise over Roker, Andy Martin spends hours at city landmarks, often in the middle of the night, to give people an alternative view of familiar locations.

Photographer Andy Martin with examples of his distinctive portaits.

Photographer Andy Martin with examples of his distinctive portaits.

“It’s about showing these landmarks in a different way,” said Andy, of Grangetown. “The moonrise over Roker was shot with a long exposure over two hours, it allows for more light in the camera and gives a real sense of movement.

“I want to open people’s eyes to what’s there without them realising.”

The photographer’s first This is Sunderland calendar was such a success last year, that he decided to do another for 2015.

It’s been snapped up by city venues and is stocked at Pop Recs Ltd, in Fawcett Street, Holmeside Coffee in Holmeside and the Museum and Winter Gardens.

The calendar caps off a successful year for the artist who’s snapped a number of famous faces for his Tin Type portrait series.

The images, featuring musicians including Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals and Paul Smith from Maximo Park, have recently been displayed at Holmeside Coffee.

This area of Andy’s work resurrects the Victorian era Wet Collodion (wet plate) photographic process, which dates back to 1851 and involves coating a metal or glass plate with a collodion solution before placing it into a bath of silver nitrate.

Once it has been sensitised by the silver, the plate is loaded into the camera and the exposure is made before the plate is developed creating an atmospheric image which harks back to yesteryear portraiture.

*The This is Sunderland calendars are £6 each or two for £10 at the venues listed above.