Phones and music players putting pedestrians in danger, say police

DISTRACTION: Mobile phone message
DISTRACTION: Mobile phone message
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PEDESTRIANS in South Tyneside are putting themselves at risk by not paying attention on the roads.

Northumbria Police say they often deal with collisions because people go onto the road without looking or not paying attention.

Motor patrols Chief Inspector John Heckels, said that mobile phones and MP3 players often play a role in accidents.

He said: “It’s as important for pedestrians to be able to react to potential dangers as it is for motorists. Items such as mobile phones and MP3 players can block out the sounds of the road and cause a distraction.

“The old safety message ‘stop, look and listen’ still stands, it’s an important message and one that pedestrians should follow when crossing the road.”

Police are also advising pedestrians to make sure they can be seen, particularly in the dark.

Chief Insp Heckels added: “We would urge people to make sure they are visible. If it’s dark either wear high visibility or brightly coloured clothing and where possible face oncoming traffic, this way motorists have more chance of seeing and avoiding you.