Pet warning: keep your dogs and cats safe from toxic dangers

Conkers can be dangerous to dogs and cats. Picture: Ross Parry.
Conkers can be dangerous to dogs and cats. Picture: Ross Parry.
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The weather is colder and Autumn is here – and so are more dangers for your pets.

Wild mushrooms and conkers may sound pretty harmless, but they can cause serious problems for your cats and dogs.

The animals have an increased risk of being poisoned when walking, or being walked, in forests, woodlands and parks while many substances found in British gardens can also be toxic to our furry friends.

A survey has revealed that one in three pet owners do not know if the plants in their gardens are toxic, while the same number did not know their pets could be harmed by the green stuff.

The findings, which also showed that more than 75 per cent of Britain’s gardens contain toxic plants, formed part of a campaign being carried out by MORE TH>N.

John Ellenger, head of pet insurance at MORE TH>N, said: “The Pet Safe Campaign allows us to raise awareness of the dangers of plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs.

“The campaign is about taking direct and immediate action – by both urging suppliers and retailers of garden plants and flowers to provide clear ‘pet safe’ labelling, while also better educating pet owners on the issue.

“Through this campaign we’ll be arming pet owners with the practical advice and information they need to identify safe and dangerous plants, to recognise the symptoms of poisoning – and what to do in that eventuality – and above all to reduce the likelihood of their beloved pets becoming ill in the first place.”

The company is calling manufacturers of garden products and retailers to provide clear labelling to help shoppers identify if products are safe for their pets. Would you know what to look for?

For more information, and to sign the campaign’s petition, click here.