Persona 4 Arena: Limited Edition: Xbox 360: Action/RPG: £34.99

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Wow, what a show! Few fighters can display such dazzling razzmatazz when it comes to opening video cut-scenes and in-game art direction.

If you’ve yet to sample the delights of the Persona packages, Arena offers a brilliantly accessible fighter for new fans, as well as the level of tactical depth required to keep combat masters entertained for weeks on end.

 Lesson mode provides top-notch breakdowns of all the moves you’ll need to hit the arcade encounters with half a chance of success, and every subsequent competitive bout proves to be as visually mesmeric as it is aurally amazing.

 The soundtrack is infectious, presentation as slick as you’ll see and graphically it’s so beautiful you won’t know where to look next. So, if you fancy yourself as a fighter fanatic, and haven’t yet plunged into the polished world of Persona, now’s the time to do so with a Limited Edition bonus content pack – if you get a wriggle on.