Perfect gift when you’re 108

108-year-old Lily May Thompson
108-year-old Lily May Thompson
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BIRTHDAY girl Lily May Thompson may be 108 – but she’s still a star Sunderland striker!

Born on May 24, 1903 – about the time Edward V11 was proclaimed Emperor of India – Lily enjoyed a VIP 108th birthday bash.

One particularly exciting present was a specially made 108 shirt, donated by her beloved Sunderland AFC, and signed by all the players.

Although hard of hearing, Lily is still full of fun.

Asked for the secret of her longevity, she quipped: “A good life – and plenty of cornflakes.”

Although generally teetotal, Lily was looking forward to enjoying a birthday drink with family, friends and special guests at Windsor Nursing Home, in Victoria Road East, Hebburn.

The oldest person in Tyne and Wear and the 56th oldest in the country, Lily was born in the same year which saw the launch of the Ford Motor Company, and around the time the first west-east transatlantic radio broadcast was made between the U.S. and England.

The third eldest of a family of eight, Lily only has hazy memories of the First World War, but does recall German bombers flying over Tyneside during the Second World War.

She married Royal Northumberland Fusilier John George Thompson in December 1930, and had two children, Eleanor and George – who both attended their mother’s birthday party – followed by five grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild,

Widowed in 1977, Lily has enjoyed the five years she has spent at Windsor Nursing Home.