What Sunderland Echo readers said about support for reality TV stars as MPs investigate issue

Sunderland Echo readers say reality TV stars receive sufficient support, as contestants from Love Island speak to MPs about their experiences.

Thursday, 5th September 2019, 8:12 am
Updated Thursday, 5th September 2019, 8:51 am
Harley Brash, from South Shields, who appeared on this year's Love Island. Picture: ITV.

A poll on our Facebook page asked: “As Love Island stars prepare to appear before MPs investigating reality TV, do you think the aftercare provided to those taking part in the programmes is enough?”

More than 400 people voted, with 52% saying they thought the care provided was adequate.

Many people commenting on the results said anyone appearing on a reality TV show knew what they were getting into.

Louise Collingwood said: “It’s not the programme makers’ responsibility once they’re out - they put themselves in that position and know the craic. They’re adults, not impressionable children.”

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Sean Donkin wrote: “They chose to go on, so shall we complain about the money they get which they didn’t get before? Swings & roundabouts.”

Helen Blackburn argued: “It's their own choice to take part in tacky TV shows to boost their egos and become 'celebrities'. Why should they receive 'aftercare'?

“Spend the money on people with genuine mental health issues.”

Illian Macdade said: “All these people want is to be famous. When they fail, they cry ‘Nobody understands the pressure’. Get a real job like everybody else,” and Laura Jayne agreed, adding: “They know exactly what they are getting into.

“Reality TV has been around years. I don’t agree with the hatred etc they get but it’s out there for people to give opinions etc.

“It’s an individual’s choice to move into the limelight. Other stars don’t get constant after care.”

Susan Cummings said: “There are far more important things happening in this country! The fact these people want 15 minutes of fame and can't deal with reality is easily solved, don't go on TV.”

Others felt it was time to axe reality TV altogether.

Ste Dixon said: “It’s time to move away from this cheap, voyeuristic type of TV. Its had it's day.”

Bob Langley wrote: “Answer is simple. Ban all reality TV. It is rubbish anyway and none of participants are 'stars' just overpaid guinea pigs.”