Third of voters in Echo poll back calls for new leisure centre in Sunderland

A leisure centre came out as the top choice for voters.
A leisure centre came out as the top choice for voters.

Almost 500 people have hailed a new leisure centre as the thing they most want to see open in Sunderland.

We took a list of suggestions from Echo readers and created an online poll, focused at finding what you want to see in Sunderland's future. The choice included everything from new shops, to sports facilities and housing. More than 1,400 of you voted, with 35% selecting a new leisure centre as their top choice.

Speaking in our comments, some readers argued that a leisure centre and more facilities for children and young people would be of benefit to families across the city, providing an opportunity for quality time and exercise.

Other popular choices in our online poll included improvements to the seafront (22%) and a wider choice of shops in the city centre (15%).

Here is how you reacted on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Steve Ruffell: "Create opportunities for investment, supporting creation of well paid jobs, leading to economic growth and prosperity. All those on the list will fall into place."

You have been sharing your views on what you would like to see in the city.

You have been sharing your views on what you would like to see in the city.

John Riggall: "Big leisure centre down Seaburn need more attractions down the seafront."

David Owen: "Investment in attracting business into the city centre is critical. Too much focus is on Vaux and much more needs to be done to get the big names here. That would have a massive knock-on effect."

Leighton Mills: "With jobs comes wealth, for all. Then all the other benefits the city’s people crave will fall into place."

Daniella Hanson: "Why can’t we make a proper shipyard museum like what’s down Hartlepool/Beamish but about our dockyard workers and ship building and make the biggest part of Sunderland?"

Many harked back to the days of the Crowtree Leisure Centre.

Many harked back to the days of the Crowtree Leisure Centre.

Aoife Rose: "New leisure facilities need to be central ... on bus, Metro and train routes."

Silvia Osso: "It would be nice to have more affordable housing, better paid jobs, a Sunderland Arena and more fitness and sports facilities."

Caroline Gray: "Definitely a new leisure centre, with everything Crowtree had ... keeps kids off the street and have things to do, family time, levels of obesity would possibly be reduced. Overall it would hugely improve the city!"

Simon Pete Moss: "Our beaches are jewels in the crown of our region and if they were anywhere else, would be a major attraction to people from all round the country."

Others called for more shops.

Others called for more shops.

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Karen Thompson: "Young children and families have got nowhere decent in Sunderland. Ice rink and more activities will be great."

Ted Martin: "Decent music live venues e.g. Newcastle have arena, O2 Academy, Riverside, Hoochie Coochie etc."

Janice Becas: "A leisure centre and more play parks for children and green belt areas for families. Not just over the seafront though."

Adam Thomas: "More bars, restaurants and shopping along the seafront!"

Jessica Taylor: "Our town has so much wasted potential. We have a beautiful coastline, amazing venues for arts and culture, landmarks, country parks and rural areas just a quick drive from the town centre yet all of these things get over looked or destroyed completely."

Steve Lee: "Better night life to attract people from other cities. A decent swimming pool with slides like a wet and wild be good. Fairground like one through Shields."

Cilla Cummings: "All the kids are desperate for something to do."

Tammy Seery: "A big soft play there’s too many restaurants and pubs need something for the kids of all ages."

Lindsey Lawson: "Something for our children/young teenagers at a price people can afford."

June Wintrip: "Finish off the top of High Street beside Keel Square, tidy up tired shops to make them look more inviting and a leisure centre."