Sunderland’s 18 poorest neighbourhoods based on average income, including Hendon, Southwick and Millfield

Many of us are finding money a struggle as the cost-of-living crisis mounts, but people in some pockets of Sunderland could be feeling the pinch far more.

We’ve compiled a list of the neighbourhoods in Sunderland with the lowest estimated average annual household income, based on the latest figures published by the Office for National Statistics. These are the areas which could be far less able to afford the rocketing cost of food and bills.

The ONS breaks Sunderland down into 36 neighbourhoods called Middle-layer Super Output Areas. (MSOA). The highest average income, according to the statistics, is £43,500, while the lowest is £25,800.

The average income statistics are the latest available by neighbourhood, published by the Office for National Statistics in March 2020 and relating to the financial year ending 2018.

Total annual household income is the sum of the before-tax income of every member of the household, plus any income from benefits. The estimates were calculated by the ONS using various sources of information, including the 2011 Census and the annual Family Resources Survey.

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