Sunderland fans have their say on where away fans should sit at the Stadium of Light

Sunderland AFC fans have had their say on whether or not away supporters should be moved to different seats at the Stadium of Light.

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 10:03 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 1:12 pm
Where do you think away fans should sit at the Stadium of Light?

Calls have been made for the away fans’ area to be moved at the ground following a number of incidents which saw objects thrown from the visitors’ section - including a pie.

Last season’s matches against Coventry and Portsmouth were marred by such problems, with away tickets for Sunderland’s forthcoming fixtures against both clubs now capped.

And while several city councillors asked if SAFC would consider moving the away fans to a lower level inside the stadium, some local supporters have said it “doesn’t make any difference” where they sit.

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You have been sharing your views on the issue on social media.

Here’s what you had to say on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

David M Whitfield: “Why not just put netting up in front of the current away section? They do it in many stadiums around the world.”

Stephen Moran: “They should be put back where they were to help the banter and the atmosphere. Moving them up out the way hasn't exactly helped us over the last few years has it.”

Julie Parker: “Put them back where the stadium was DESIGNED to have them.”

John McClements: “Move them from above the home fans, anywhere in the ground that ensures the safety of our fans.”

Michael David Eggleston: “Just police/steward it better or put netting up. Why give them a better view nearer the pitch meaning loyal season card holders would have to move!”

Wilf Newall: “Leave them where they are, we don’t want away fans to influence our games, NUFC have away fans in the gods.”

Nathan David: “South-west corner. Smallest part of the stadium, small space, loudest part of the ground next to them. Easy to police (buses right outside in the industrial estate) - police box overlooks them.”

Alfred Maddison: “It doesn’t make any difference where they sit there will be trouble and incidents so leave them where they are.”

Marc Hope: “Should never have been moved, killed the remaining atmosphere.”

Jimmy Ford: “Yes move them lower, north stand deserted because of this.”