Sunderland Echo readers say 'No thanks' to same sex couples on Strictly Come Dancing

Sunderland Echo readers have given a thumbs-down to the idea of same sex couples competing on Strictly Come Dancing.

Sunday, 1st September 2019, 3:24 pm
Updated Sunday, 1st September 2019, 8:22 pm
Boldon's Faye Tozer and Giovanni Pernice during last year's series of Strictly Come Dancing

The hugely popular show returns next weekend – with North East comic Chris Ramsey among those competing – and BBC bosses have confirmed they are open to having same sex couples next year.

We asked readers what they thought – and 54 per cent of voters in our Facebook poll said they opposed the plan.opinions from people commenting below were divided, with many saying they could not understnad the problm with the plan.

Margaret Stockdale had no problem with the proposal: “Fine by me, quite acceptable in my eyes,” she wrote, while Llayney Marie Straughan was upset by the proportion of people voting against :” 54% no. Why?” she asked.

“Same sex couples exist and deserve representation.”

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Sharon Simpson was also in favour of the proposed change: “People have to get used to same sex kissing in restaurants, so why not dancing?” she said.

“Build a bridge and get over it.”

Gwenn Wilson, however, was having none of it: “ no no no!! why do it??” she demanded, but Emily Metcalf-Trueman urged her to recognise that time had moved on and attitudes had changed: “Maybe you should learn to let people be happy with loving the same gender instead of staying in old times,” she said.

“It isn’t the 1970’s or 80’s anymore.”

Paul Campbell was puzzled by the thinking behind the decision: “Not that I am against same sex couples but most ballroom dancing has one male and one female role,” he said.

“It just seems out of place.”

But Mark Jansen replied: “ Let's go about changing that perception then.”

David Patterson and Daniel Chapman thought the change would have little impact on what is already one of the most flamboyant shows on TV.

“Its Strictly come dancing , even if they had ten gay people live on tv, it still wouldn't make it any more gay than it already is...” wrote David, while Daniel said: “It’s hilarious all the blokes in the comments here who seem to think there aren’t any gay people on Strictly already.”