Sunderland community slams 'mindless' vandals who attacked lifesaving equipment at the River Wear

Vandals who dumped three of the River Wear’s life buoys into the water just weeks after they were installed have been labelled ‘mindless’ and ‘stupid’ by Echo readers.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 24th June 2019, 7:05 am
Councillor John Kelly with some of the public rescue equipment near Wearmouth Bridge.

As news of the vandalism came to light, Sunderland City Council urged those responsible to think of the consequences of their actions – and how they would feel if someone they know could not be rescued because the rescue equipment was missing or damaged.

The council has responded to 17 instances of missing or damaged public rescue equipment since the beginning of the year.

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Here is what readers had to say on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Kevin Mak Watson: “It was a great place to go for a walk when it was first done up. As usual, a handful of people spoil it for everyone.”

Doreen E Scott: “I hope the ones that did this never need one and there isn't one to save them.”

Teresa Welch: “Hope they never need one to save their lives ...”

Ann Jones: “Some of the youth of today have no sense whatsoever and don’t care about anyone else.”

Margaret Stephenson: “What's our city getting turned into with idiots like that. It's a pity one of them didn’t fall in to the river and needed a life buoy but no it would probably happen to some poor, innocent soul.”

Mary Smithson Hewison: “No discipline, therefore no respect.”

Paul Haggerton: “Should be cameras down there for a start.”

Jackie Alexander: “No one knows who or why or even what age but think everyone will agree it is totally mindless.”

Allen Laidler: “Special kind of stupid that not many can achieve.”

Peter Simmons: “It’s so sad.”

June Potts: “Shocking, something needs to be done about these mindless vandals.”

Bill Edward Meeks: “Mindless destruction without a thought for others.”

Dave Smith: “Everywhere is getting worse, not just Sunderland. Mindless idiots who think it’s funny to do stupid things like this.”