Son's upset as elderly mum suffers distressing injuries after attacks by feral cat in Sunderland

WARNING: Contains images some readers may find distressing. A man has been left concerned after his 86-year-old mother sustained serious injuries from a feral cat that attacked her inside her home in Sunderland.

Paul Richardson, 59, says his mum Margaret has suffered three separate injuries from a cat that has attacked her inside her home in Thorney Close.

His mum remained in Sunderland Royal Hospital for three weeks with a serious leg injury following the most recent attack in November.

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Paul, who now lives in Oxford, says he is concerned about the continuous attacks but has been told nothing can be done.

Margaret has been attacked three times.

He said: “It’s extremely distressing. She lives alone and the cat just wanders into the house and she’s not very good on her feet so finds it difficult to shoo it away.

"She’s fallen trying to chase it away and has suffered injuries to her arm and leg. The cat is just evil and it’s awful because nothing can be done. It feels like nobody is bothered, legally there isn’t anything in place to stop this so I just feel helpless.”

Paul says the cat first attacked his mother in July this year followed by the second attack in August.

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Margaret's injuries caused by the feral cat were severe.

He added: “This last attack has really scared her and especially because she’s on her own it’s heartbreaking to hear these terrible attacks, it’s causing her so much distress.

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"I’ve contacted my mum’s local MP to try and bring change so this doesn’t happen again but nobody is listening.”

Following the attacks Paul has filed reports to both Sunderland City Council and Northumbria Police.

A Sunderland City Council spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear about these unfortunate incidents and wish Paul’s mother a full and speedy recovery.

Paul's mum Margaret suffered the worse attack in November.
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“Anyone worried about feral cats, or unsure about how to deal with them, is advised to contact the RSPCA or other animal welfare groups.”

A Northumbria Police spokesperson added: “Shortly before 10.50am on November 23, we received a report an elderly woman had been attacked by a cat on Torrens Road, Sunderland.

“Officers have since spoken to the relevant parties and offered appropriate advice.”

Margaret was bit and scratched on her arm.
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Margaret sustained terrible injuries.