Overpriced and poor - call for better buses as poll finds people agree service in Sunderland is too expensive

A bus service fit for 2019 – that’s the call from Wearsiders who say it should be made cheaper and more accessible around the clock.

Saturday, 7th September 2019, 9:00 am
Updated Saturday, 7th September 2019, 9:05 am
People across Sunderland have called for better and cheaper bus services.

We asked whether public transport is too expensive after the Transport Focus watchdog carried out research which found the time journeys take and their cost is what puts people off most about using the bus.

Our poll found out of 538 votes cast, 85% agreed the price of tickets was an issue.

A host of other problems were listed by people as they called for improvements to be made to get people get out and about quicker and cheaper, as well as ensure the city’s economy is set for success in the future.

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The convenience and affordability of car travel was also noted, while better networks in other countries were highlighted as how the system can be more cost-effective and accessible.

Jim Bowens said: “I hope with the regeneration of the city in years to come the bus service gets a serious overhaul.”

Caroline Chisholm said: “My last job took five mins down the A19 to get to if I got a lift, off one turn of onto the other but took an hour and a half on buses.

“And because it went across Stagecoach and another service it doubled in price.


Chris Roberts said: “Public transport is hugely subsidised in some Scandinavian countries, along with childcare and other things.“Would you be happy to pay more in taxes if you got it back in services such as free public transport? I would.”

Chris Redfern said: “I think cost is the biggest barrier to take up of public transport.

“If we are serious about cleaner air we need to make it much more accessible to all.

“Currently most people just won’t use it because it just doesn't make financial sense.”

Nicol Marshall said: “I totaled bus fares for a month for school run and two trips across water – cheaper to run my car.”

Dean George Costello said: “The only way to reduce the costs significantly is to bring it under public ownership.

“Don’t see that happening any time soon.”

Benjamin Taylor said: “All public transport is overpriced, given the lousy service we receive. £100-plus per month for a regional pass, is inexcusably greedy.”

Robin Nicholas Monckton-Milnes agreed it was too expensive and said: “Yes, especially for people using it to commute to and from work.

“For this country to truly get off its knees we need a fully fledged overnight economy also.”