Kind-hearted Sunderland stranger posts £10 donation to Alfie Doran's fundraiser

Kind-hearted strangers have now donated more than £3,400 to the family of Sunderland’s Alfie Doran.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 8:44 pm
Alfie Doran, 5 and mother Sophie Dow receive £10 towards the bedroom lift campaign, with twin brother Brody Lee, 5
Alfie Doran, 5 and mother Sophie Dow receive £10 towards the bedroom lift campaign, with twin brother Brody Lee, 5

As he grows older it’s becoming an increasing struggle to lift Alfie up the stairs to his bedroom so the whole family is on the same level every night.

Following a car accident, Sophie now has an injury to her back and has been told she is unable to lift anything over a stone in weight which is adding to their current struggle. They’re now raising more than £20,000 needed to have a lift installed into Alfie’s room – and any remaining funds will go towards equipment for Alfie as he grows older.

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Alfie Doran, 5 and mother Sophie Dow

Many have taken to the family’s online Just Giving page to make a donation to give Alfie a life-changing lift.

But one Sunderland Echo reader, who doesn’t have access to the internet, still wanted to make her contribution to the cause and wrote a letter to the paper, with £10 to go towards the cause.

Alfie’s mum, Sophie Dow, said: “We’re so grateful for every donation we can’t thank everyone enough. A neighbour bumped into me on the street recently and handed me an envelope which contained £100. I almost cried I was so touched.

“We’ve had so many donations from strangers it seems impossible to thank them all. I’m just so grateful for everyone’s support. Every donation goes such a long way for us, we can’t thank everyone enough.”

Sophie Dow mum of Alfie Doran (centre) pouring coffee to his nana's Joanne Dow (left) and Michelle Doran .

A coffee morning, which took place at the Pennywell Youth Project, is estimated to have raised another £500 for the cause.

Parents Sophie Dow and Michael Doran have been given planning permission to install a lift but need to raise the money themselves, as they aren’t able to receive government funding as their home is already adapted.

They have received backing from the Bradley Lowery Foundation who are helping with fundraising and support.

The family hopes they will be able to raise the money in time to get the lift install by Christmas.

The family has organised Pie, Pea and Dirty Bingo event Pallion Action Group at 7pm on Thursday June 27.