Is he Sunderland AFC's luckiest fan? Meet the man who has only ever seen SAFC win - and he's called Sorensen!

We can’t help falling in love with the Black Cats ultimate lucky charm.

Monday, 23rd May 2022, 3:46 pm

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He’s seen Sunderland play 12 times and they have won every match!

Kim Sorensen lives in Denmark but he works wonders every time he gets to a game. He has only ever seen 6 goals go in against Sunderland while he’s watched the Lads hit the back of the net 25 times.

But Wembley on Saturday was something extra special, said Kim who lives in a suburb of Copenhagen.

Kim, Anders and friends having a ball at Wembley.

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“This was the best experience we ever had with Sunderland,” said Kim who was at Wembley with his best friend Anders Feldt Lindh and Anders’ son and daughter Mathias and Mathilde.

“The excitement leading up to the match was just unbearable,” said Kim.

"The buzz at Wembley was something I will never forget. 46000 singing after the win gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes, all because I know how much it means to all of us that supports Sunderland.”

Anders, who only seen Sunderland lose in 2 out of 14 matches, said Wembley ‘was fantastic. I will never forget it’.

Kim, top, with Anders, below, and fellow Sunderland fan Gary Morris.

Kim has seen some belting football matches in his time as a Sunderland fan. He watched the Black Cats beat Newcastle 3-0 in 2015.

He was at the Stadium of Light for the 2008 match against Burnley where a classic game included Carlos Edwards thunderbolt strike.

And he saw both the play-off semi-final game against Sheffield Wednesday at the SoL as well as Sunderland’s triumph at Wembley.

Speaking of his unbeaten run, Kim said: “Yes it is unbelievable. Cant understand. It continues.”

Kim, right, with fellow Black Cats fans Anders (second right), Anders' daughter Mathilde and son Mathias, from Denmark outside of Wembley.

He added: “When people hear about my record they always say ‘keep coming over’.”

But Kim has a reason why he loves Sunderland so much.

"Not a day goes by without thinking of Sunderland. It is my second hometown. The people in Sunderland are always open and friendly and we have built up friendships for life.”

Kim’s outstanding record;

Sunderland fans make themselves heard at Wembley.

1999. Sunderland - Southampton 2-0.

2000. Sunderland - Arsenal 1-0.

2001. Sunderland - Charlton 3-2.

2005. Sunderland - Stoke 1-0.

2008. Sunderland - Burnley 3-2.

2015. Sunderland - Newcastle 3-0.

Kim and his best friend Anders celebrate as Sunderland win at Wembley.

2016. Sunderland - Leicester 2-1.

2018. Sunderland - Rochdale 4-1.

2019. Sunderland – Doncaster 2-0.

2020. Sunderland - Ipswich 1-0.

2022.Sunderland - Sheffield Wed. 1-0.

2022. Sunderland - Wycombe 2-0.

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