Echo readers share thoughts as fire service calls on more shops to stop selling fireworks

Echo readers have spoken out on the fire service’s plan for more shops to stop selling fireworks.

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 11:59 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 5:50 pm
Readers have shared their views on selling fireworks.

Sainsbury’s became the first major supermarket to ban the sale of fireworks in their stores.

Customer’s have supported the supermarket’s decision along with animal organisations, charities and local fire and rescue services.

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This is what you had to say on the issue.

Brenda Carmody said: “There should only be official displays. That would stop them playing with something they don’t understand is dangerous.”

Moira Haig-Samater added: “They should only be sold to organised events and only when a rigorous procedure for licensing is in place.

“Don't know why it hasn't been done years ago. Too many idiots getting their hands on them. We should support our fire services and call for a ban in shops.”

Jessica Rump commented: “Fireworks should be at displays only (do believe they should be free to go to). Only sparklers should be sold to the public. Keep these little animals and the public safe.”

Paul Michael Stephen agreed: “Should just have public displays. You got stupid people these days not just kids but adults as well.”

Richard Shields said: “No shop should sell them fireworks should be at displays only it will save a lot of people getting hurt and it will save the NHS and lot of time and money.”

James Brown Sinclair argued: “I think that the government should bring in fireworks license. Same as they have in the USA for a firearm. I totally disagree about removing them all together.”

Some worries have been expressed that this will lead to fireworks being bought elsewhere.

Jean Mitchell Wynd said: “Order them on internet. People will still buy them and they will get in the wrong hands.”

Heather Hamilton added: “Downside is more people are likely to buy online, not knowing if they're safe or not.”

Rachel Mccann commented: “The thing is all the idiots will still get boxes and boxes of counterfeit fireworks and set them off acting the fool spoiling it for everyone.”