Echo readers call for clearer allergen information on food menus and packaging

The majority of Sunderland Echo readers have agreed that clearer allergen information is needed on food menus and packaging.

Monday, 16th September 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 19th September 2019, 10:03 am
The majority of readers voted for clearer information. Photo: PA

This news stems from our recent social media poll where we asked: “Do you think food outlets should have clearer allergen information displayed on their menus and packaging?”

Out of the 983 people who voted, 876 voted for clear information while 107 voted against it.

Lynne Veitch undoubtedly voted yes. She said: “Why would anyone object to this? Seemed a silly survey till I saw some do.”

Mark Davies said: “Who the hell is saying no? People are dying because of this.”

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Holly Rose James agreed: “Why would anyone say no to this?”

John A Mendez outlined the severity of this. He said: “This is a question of life or death for some.”

Some readers claim that those who suffer with allergies can look after themselves.

Jackie Walton said: “I know a few people with severe or life-threatening allergies. They are sensible people and always ask if they are unsure. Staff are usually very good at helping and quite often will come back with a folder where each recipe’s ingredients are listed. Self help is half the battle.”

Gary Thompson said: “The person with the allergy should be the person responsible for making sure that the eatery know of there allergy.”

John Constable commented: “Maybe it should be mandatory to have an Epipen on site?”

These results were recorded at 4pm on Sunday, September 15.