Cut prices and make memories: What you said about taking children on term-time holidays

The majority of Echo readers have shown their support for families being allowed to take children out of school for term-time holidays.

Saturday, 31st August 2019, 10:02 am
Updated Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 9:53 am
You have been sharing your views in our Facebook poll about term-time holidays.

More than 3,400 readers took part in a Facebook poll, with 86% agreeing that parents should be able to take their children out of school in term time.

Here is what you said on social media:

Nicki Berry: “I think schools should be open all year, function in totally different way and prepare children better for adult life. I think they should be open all year round and children are allocated a number of weeks that they can take as leave.”

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Ashleigh Gilmour: “I’m currently away now for two weeks. My daughter is missing the first week of the term. If we had went away a week earlier we would’ve missed out of the free child place and paid an extra £1,500. It’s ridiculous.”

Lisa Reay: “Cannot see the harm in a family holiday, I did it with my daughter and she left school with good grades.”

Jacqui Alderson: “Yes BUT with a maximum of two weeks set as education is important too and some parents may go beyond what is reasonable.”

Alan Wharton: “They are only kids once and family holidays are great, nothing wrong taking them out of school. Plus you save hundreds of pounds going outside the school holidays.”

Mark S Suddick: “Stop the travel companies ripping people off and the majority of parents wouldn’t have to take their kids out of school.”

Shelly Fox: “I won’t take my son’s chance of making amazing memories with family away. I’ll take the £60 fine, not that we should have to.”

Lynne Roberts: “Not all parents can get their annual leave from work during school holidays, I remember when I was a child my parents had to occasionally keep me off school for holidays and it wasn't a problem.”

Phil Oldroyd: “Holiday companies should not be able to charge any more for a holiday than the average of the holiday out of term time. Problem solved.”